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The Ford Model A: How It All Began

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The Ford Model A: How It All Began

William Jason
March 25, 2011

The Ford Model A of 1928 paved the way for better advancements in the Ford Company, for it was the highlight of progress and technological growth. In Fords zenith of success and after selling a staggering fifteen million cars, the Ford Model T paved the way for the Ford Model A to be created in 1928. This is not to say that the Ford Model T was not successful in its own behalf. The Model T went through a staggering amount of sales, but by the late 1920s, it was dated in technology. To create a rehashed, better improved version, the Ford Model A was created. The Ford Model A made up for Model Ts flaws by brandishing a brand new engine and a distinct sense of luxuriousness in design. The Ford Model A was a monster compared to the Model T.

To show people what Ford was worth, it created the Model A with double the power of the Model T. To thank for this extra surge in power was the longer stroke crankshaft that produced an extra burst of torque. The Ford Model A was an unmatchable power in its time, and it gained massive popularity by the end of 1928. To further boast of its technological advancements, Ford created the Model A with a battery-fed ignition. The chassis was also made four-wheel brakes as compared to the two rears which the Model T had. To replace the 21-inchers that the Model T had, the Modal A donned 19-inch wheels and higher effort steering. The wheels gave the vehicle a beautiful lower ride height with an addition of more suspension travel.

The Model A was priced at $385 in the United States and it ranged to a staggering $1400 if you wanted a top-of-the-line Town Car. The Model A comes with a 4-cylinder engine that gave the vehicle 40 horsepower. It can consume fuel of up to 25 and 30 mpg while using a one-barrel up-draft. At the end of 1929, there were about two million vehicles of this model sold to the public and on 1931, experienced a downfall due to the Great Depression and vehicles in competition, particularly the Chevy. The Ford Model A was indeed, a car the best represents the capacities of Ford to create a vehicle that pioneers in ingenuity and technology. The Ford Model A, up to this day, is a car revered by classic car collectors and will forever be a timeless vehicle piece.

If you want to learn more about classic muscle cars visit William's blog.

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