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The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud - One Classy Ride

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The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud - One Classy Ride

William Jason
March 26, 2011

What Rolex is to the watch industry is what Rolls Royce is to the car industry. It is undoubtedly the most luxurious and classic car brand in the world and the most favored by royalty. Rolls Royce was the brainchild of Charles Steward Rolls and Henry Royce in 1906. In the same year, they released the Silver Ghost. That started a trend of exquisite car design and fine manufacturing for the company. Since then, they've been known to produce cars preferred by world-class personalities.

One popular Rolls Royce's model is the Silver Cloud. The Silver Cloud replaced the Silver Dawn, Rolls Royce's post-war model. The Silver Cloud even shared the same 4,887cc engine as the Silver Dawn. The most noticeable improvement to this upgrade was the attractive and new standard steel body, courtesy of designer J.P. Blatchley. The Silver Cloud I could be driven at top speed of 165 K m/h. Power steering and air conditioning were incorporated in the Silver Cloud in 1956. After which, a new and improved version of the Silver Cloud was introduced in 1959.

Although there were no changes on the exterior that were worth mentioning, the 2nd Silver Cloud model was given a 6.2 L V8 engine. Thanks to the upgrade, the acceleration and torque of this Silver Cloud improved enabling it to hit the top speed of 183 km/h. Aside from a boost in speed, the second generation Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud allowed drivers to go from 0 to 6- mph in just 10 seconds. Despite the increase in power, the car doesn't eat too much fuel. During testing, the second generation Silver Cloud had a fuel consumption of 13 miles per gallon.

The dashboard of Silver Cloud is also a sight to behold because its made of walnut tree. Even if the Silver Cloud seems stocky from afar, there is a roomy space in the interior and a comfortable leg room as well. Every single touch of the Silver Cloud is luxurious, from the crystal-dome lights to the seat pillows to the scrollwork on the release button of the door. Such a heavenly car was produced only in limited quantities. It was one of the most expensive cars back then and now that there are no productions of the Silver Cloud, every vintage Silver Cloud find is highly treasured. It reminds the driver and passengers alike that it is the little details that define class and luxury.

William Jason is currently the publisher of a muscle car blog that features classics from the 60s and 70s.

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