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Jaguar XK 140: The Epitome Of Class and Luxury

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Jaguar XK 140: The Epitome Of Class and Luxury

William Jason
April 3, 2011

Looking for a classic sports car that still exudes luxury and class even at present? Well, perhaps you'd love the Jaguar XK140. The XK140 is a sports car made by car maker Jaguar from 1954 to 1957. The XK140 is a successor of the highly successful Jaguar XK120, and because of this, it featured better brakes, rack and pinion steering, as well as increased the suspension travel and modern tube type shock absorbers, among others. The Jaguar XK140 is the perfect classic car for speed loving drivers who won't settle with modern day sports cars. The appeal of a classic car is a lot stronger than its modern counterpart, so choosing the XK140 is really a no-brainer.

Moving back a bit in time, you'll know that the XK140 was really introduced in 1954 but was sold as a 1955 model. One thing that you'd notice from its older brother the XK120 is that it has a more substantial front and rear bumpers featuring huge overriders. It was one of the first cars to feature a modern flashing turn signal, which is operated by an added switch on its dashboard. One thing that would've set the XK140 and the XK120 apart was the twin amber lights just above the front bumper; but the owners of XK120 also installed such an equipment to give their cars an updated look.

Another great improvement that you'll see from this classic car is the addition of 3 inches for the legroom, allowing it to accommodate even the taller drivers of its time. This was achieved because the engine was relocated, along with the firewall and the XK140s dash forward. However, this new configuration left no room for a battery compartment like the one found on the XK120. Because of this, the single battery is now placed low down inside the wing on the inlet side. This is one drawback because it is really hard to remove, thus making it hard to replace.

As a classic car, the Jaguar XK140 also made an impact in the car world. 1956 models of the XK140 became one of the first sports cars to feature an automatic transmission. It also features the famous Jaguar XK engine, but this time, it features modifications that weren't available with the XK120. It has increased the specified power of the engine by 10, which is now 190 bhp at 5500 rpm.

There are a lot of things that you could enjoy with the XK140. These features have revolutionized the way people see sports cars, and most of these features are available even with the modern models; a sign that the Jaguar XK140 is truly a classic car.

William Jason has admired classic cars ever since he was a young child and you can read his blog at: http://musclecarmonster.com

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