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The Classic Maserati 3500

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The Classic Maserati 3500

William Jason
April 5, 2011

The Maserati 3500 is one of the well known 2-door car models of the car maker Maserati of Italy. It could be considered as the first true attempt of Maserati at the Gran Turismo market, and it also signaled the company's entry to large volume production. The main man behind the concept and development of the Maserati 3500 is the company's chief engineer, Giulio Alfieri. He was responsible for developing the initial design of the 3500, which is a 2+2 prototype of the 3500 GT. This prototype was seen first by the public at the Salon International de l'Auto in Geneva, Switzerland in March of 1957.

The two prototypes presented both have 2,600 mm or 102.4 inches wheelbase and aluminum bodywork. One of these has a superleggera body by coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, Italy. The other body was made by Carrozzeria Allemano. Their bodies are the only differences though, as they're equipped with similar feature, none of which can be found in ordinary cars during those times.

Maserati 3500 specifications

One great feature of the Maserati 3500 is its Maserati 350S-derived engine, which is a straight six cylinder DOHC 3485 cc liter, 42 DCOE Weber carburetor. This is capable of producing 220 boiler horse power, spinning at 5500 rpm. It also features a mechanical Magneti-Marelli ignition that comes complete with dual spark plugs and fuel pump. The Maserati 3500 has a 4-speed ZF gearbox, and a Girling 12 turbofinned drum brakes in both the front and the rear. It also comes equipped with a Borg & Beck single plate dry clutch. The suspension is made by Alford & Alder automotive engineers, and this comes complete with front wishbone and coil-springed suspension as well as semi-elliptic springs. Another aspect that sets the Maserati 3500 from its competitors is the 16 steel wheels that comes equipped with a 6.5 Pirelli Cinturato diagonal tires.

It was positively received by the people who were able to see and feel the prototypes during the car show. Only minor design changes were done to the Maserati 3500 when the time came for it to go into production. This is to preserve the aesthetic elements that were present in the car when it was presented as a prototype. It was equipped with Borrani knock out wire wheels, a wider 185x16 radial tires, leather interior, and power windows, among other things that were added. Overall, the Maserati 3500 that was made available to the public was almost similar as the one they first saw as a prototype. This just shows how well the car was made in the first place, thus earning the right to be called a classic.

Wiliam Jason is a muscle car fanatic and has been collecting and restoring them for the last 15 years, You can visit his website at http://musclecarmonster.com

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