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Ford Fiesta V/S Maruti Swift Dzire

Topics:  Ford Fiesta, Maruti Swift

Ford Fiesta V/S Maruti Swift Dzire

Veerbhadra Singh
July 8, 2011

Author: veerbhadrasingh

Here we are about to compare Ford Fiesta and Maruti Swift Dzire. In competitive segment both of them are entry level sedan and it's worth to say that Maruti Suzuki and Ford India, the two twain have introduce them as their foot soldier in this C segment with the destined target. In the competitive arena, everyone has targeted with the motto of "strike and stunt" and for that performance does matter. So, lets have a comparison to get distinguished.

If we go with prices then Maruti Swift Dzire is ruling-over with the contesting price flap of Rs 5, 81,839 whereas the Ford Fiesta is having the price flake of Rs 6, 99,000. There is having enough price difference between them. But we can say that both of them having distinct identity in the segment.

Engine is just like the heart of any of the car. If it's working properly then only a car can have good performance otherwise not. So, we can pinpoint to it for the serious comparison. Maruti Swift Dzire is having 1.2L, Turbocharged, and 16 Valve of engine that is quite efficacious to perform upto desired performance. It's being mould to generate the power of 75 Bhp with the torque of 190 Nm. On the other hand, Ford Fiesta is having 1.5L, Ti-VCT, and 16 Valve of powerhouse that has meet upto the scratching-edge of performance. Its engine can generate the power of 120 Bhp. Both of them are having the 5 speed manual transmission system.

Across the world the fuel prices are getting dramatically hike. So, the mileage is the serious concern to choose any of the cars. It's a major factor to which we can't ignore. Maruti Swift Dzire offers the mileage of 18 km/l on highways and 14 km/l on city-roads whereas the Ford Fiesta is having the mileage of 17 km/l on highways and 15 km/l in city sphere.

Dimension, the Maruti Swift Dzire is having the length, width and height of 4160, 1960 and 1530 mm. And the Ford Fiesta's dimension is 4282mm, 1686mm and 1468mm.

With above conclusion we can say that both of them are having their own identity. Maruti Swift Dzire is for them who have concerned to impressive performance but with affordable price tag. And Ford Fiesta is for crème clientele who wants to carry-out powerful performance. For them money makes no difference.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/cars-articles/ford-fiesta-vs-maruti-swift-dzire-5001446.html

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