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American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

From: K.N. Walling, Chrysler Corporation
To: Ralph Gilles
August 28, 1987

Ralph Gilles Letter

Mr. Ralph Gilles
[address redacted]
[address redacted]

Dear Ralph:

Mr. Iacocca has asked that I answer your letter for him because of your interest in automotive design. I've looked over your portfolio and believe that you have the potential to have a career in automotive design.

Regretfully, Chrysler does not have a scholarship program that you could take advantage of. We do provide scholarship money to several design schools, however. This money is then given to students with financial need who have proven themselves by doing well in their first year or two of school.

There are three colleges that I can recommend in the U.S. The Art Center College of Design, 1700 Lida St., Pasadena, California 91103 and the Center For Creative Studies, 245 E. Kirby St., Detroit Michigan 48202 are both private schools with tuition running between $5-$6,000 per year. The University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, School of Design, Mail Location 16, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0016 has a co-op program that allows for lower educational expenses and may be of interest to you. In Canada, Carlton University, School of Design, Ottawa, Canada K1S 5B6 is the only school that I am aware of that offers a course that you would find helpful.

I hope that I've been of some help to you. Your portfolio does show significant promise.


K.N. Walling
Director - Advance and International Design

KNW sk
Enclosure: Portfolio

cc: T.C. Gale

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