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Ford FR500GT

Ford Mustang

Vehicle Model

A race car version of the Ford Mustang.

Nicknamed the "Man Racer," as its predecessor was the FR500C, which was nicknamed the "Boy Racer."

Race car driver Scott Maxwell helped with the development of the car.  The prototype FR500GTs are powered by Roush-Yates engines similar to those in Daytona Prototype cars.

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Vehicle Type2-door Coupe
Engine TypeAluminum-block V8
Engine Displacement302 cu. in./4952cc
Valvetrain32-valve DOHC
Horsepower (SAE Net)534 @ 7100 rpm
Torque (SAE Net)440 lb. ft. @ 5300 rpm
RPM Limit7200
Transmission6-speed Hollinger manual
Curb Weight3300 lb.
Maximum Speed (RPM Limited) (C/D test)172 mph
0-60 (C/D test)3.9 seconds
1/4 Mile (C/D test)12.1 seconds @ 123 mph
Skidpad (400' diameter) (C/D test)1.15g
Braking (70-0) (C/D test)151'
C/D test at 71F, 65% humidity, 28.65" Hg, tier pressure 33 psi.


  • (The FR500GT) "...is just more of everything - more power, more aerodynamics, more tire grip."  Scott Maxwell, comparing the FR500GT to the FR500C
  • "...the fastest way to drive it [the FR500C] is to stay really smooth.  But with the Man Racer, you can really toss it around.  It's forgiving.  You can get away with a lot.  And it's a blast to drive."  Scott Maxwell, comparing the FR500GT to the FR500C
  • "You'll be comfortable almost immediately.  It's surprising how quickly you can raise your limits in the car."  Scott Maxwell

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