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A brand of die cast cars. GMP stands for Georgia Marketing & Promotions. Founded in 1992 by Tom Long & Stan Gill.


Type & Item #NameDetails
Die Cast - 2605-2Corvette Racing1:18 scale, Trailer and pit accessories set (toolbox, engine stand, air tank, gas cans, etc.), Production 3,000
Die Cast - 7031Andy Hillenburg Andy Hillenburg Luxaire Heating & Cooling Sprint Car1:18 scale, black #2, Production: 1,500
Die Cast - 7037Dave Darland Arctic Cat Sprint Car1:18 scale, green & white #3AC, Production: 1,400
Die Cast - 7630Billy Vukovich, Jr. Rev 500 Special Dirt Champ1:18 scale
Die Cast - 7801Vel's Parnelli Jones Racing #2 4-cam Ford dirt champ1:18 scale, #2 Mario Andretti, Production: 1,500
Die Cast - 8291Cale Yarborough 1969 Mercury Cyclone1:18 scale, white & dark red street car; Production:  3,450
Die Cast - 130071994 AER/Ron Fellows Ford Trans-Am Mustang1:18 scale, #4 Production:  1,500
Die Cast - 13011Gentilozzi Homelink Mustang1:18 scale, #1, Production: 1,000
Die Cast - 13014Brian Simo #2 1999 Valvoline Mustang1:18 scale, #2, Production: 1,000
Die Cast - G1801511Dan Gurney 1967 Lola T70 Mk.3B1:18 scale, dark blue #36, Production: 1,002
Die Cast - G1801512Hulme T70C Lola1:18 scale, white w/green stripe #36, Production: 1,000

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