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Mello Yello 500

Stock Car Racing

Mello Yello 500

A former NASCAR Winston Cup race held every October at Charlotte Motor Speedway from 1990 to 1994.

Past Winners

6 October 1990Davey Allison
6 October 1991Geoff Bodine
12 October 1992Mark Martin
10 October 1993Ernie Irvan
9 October 1994Dale Jarrett

1990 Results

October 6, 1990
Time of race 3:38:44
Average speed 137.428 mph
Margin of victory 2.59 seconds

1Davey AllisonFord
2Morgan ShepherdFord
3Michael WaltripPontiac
4Kyle PettyPontiac
5Alan KulwickiFord
6Ricky RuddChevrolet
7Derrike CopeChevrolet
8Brett BodineBuick
9Darrell WaltripChevrolet
10Dale JarrettFord
11Rick WilsonPontiac
12Jack Pennington
13Dave MarcisChevrolet
14Mark MartinFord
15Bill ElliottFord
16Sterling MarlinOldsmobile
17Terry LabonteOldsmobile
18Phil ParsonsOldsmobile
19Larry PearsonChevrolet
20Richard PettyPontiac
21Mickey GibbsFord
22Eddie BierschwaleOldsmobile
23Jimmy HortonPontiac
24Chuck BownChevrolet
25Dale EarnhardtChevrolet
26Harry GantOldsmobile
27Ernie IrvanChevrolet
28Bobby HamiltonPontiac
29Hut StricklinBuick
30Dick TricklePontiac
31Bobby HillinBuick
32Mark StahlFord
33Jimmy HensleyOldsmobile
34Rick MastChevrolet
35Ken SchraderChevrolet
36Geoff BodineFord
37Buddy BakerFord
38Rusty WallacePontiac
39Jimmy MeansPontiac
40Chad LittleFord
41Jimmy SpencerPontiac

1991 Results

October 6, 1991
Time of race 3:36:17
Average speed 138.984 mph
Margin of victory 11.28 seconds

1Geoff BodineFord
2Davey AllisonFord
3Alan KulwickiFord
4Harry GantOldsmobile
5Sterling MarlinFord
6Terry LabonteOldsmobile
7Michael WaltripPontiac
8Brett BodineBuick
9Darrell WaltripChevrolet
10Chad LittleFord
11Bill ElliottFord
12Richard PettyPontiac
13Rick MastOldsmobile
14Ted MusgravePontiac
15Kyle PettyPontiac
16Joe RuttmanOldsmobile
17Rick WilsonBuick
18Bobby Hillin, Jr.Chevrolet
19Wally Dallenbach, Jr.Ford
20Jimmy HensleyPontiac
21Brad TeagueChevrolet
22Stanley SmithChevrolet
23Jimmy SpencerChevrolet
24Jimmy MeansPontiac
25Dale EarnhardtChevrolet
26Dale JarrettFord
27Rusty WallacePontiac
28Morgan ShepherdFord
29Bobby HamiltonOldsmobile
30Ernie IrvanChevrolet
31Greg SacksOldsmobile
32Ricky RuddChevrolet
33Derrike CopeChevrolet
34Dave MarcisChevrolet
35Mark MartinFord
36Hut StricklinBuick
37Kerry TeagueChevrolet
38Ken SchraderChevrolet
39Gary BaloughPontiac
40Mike SkinnerChevrolet
41Dorsey SchroederPontiac

1992 Results

October 12, 1992
Time of race 3:15:47
Average speed 153.537 mph
Margin of victory 1.88 seconds

1Mark MartinFord
2Alan KulwickiFord
3Kyle PettyPontiac
4Jimmy SpencerFord
5Ricky RuddChevrolet
6Ernie IrvanChevrolet
7Ken SchraderChevrolet
8Harry GantOldsmobile
9Dick TrickleFord
10Geoff BodineFord
11Ted MusgraveFord
12Terry LabonteChevrolet
13Morgan ShepherdFord
14Dale EarnhardtChevrolet
15Bobby HamiltonFord
16Sterling MarlinFord
17Derrike CopeChevrolet
18Jimmy HensleyFord
19Davey AllisonFord
20Wally Dallenbach, Jr.Ford
21Jim SauterChevrolet
22Bob SchachtOldsmobile
23Michael WaltripPontiac
24Dale JarrettChevrolet
25Rich BickleFord
26Lake SpeedFord
27Richard PettyPontiac
28Brett BodineFord
29Jerry O'NeilOldsmobile
30Bill ElliottFord
31Hut StricklinFord
32Pancho CarterFord
33Chad LittleFord
34Darrell WaltripChevrolet
35Rick MastOldsmobile
36Stanley SmithChevrolet
37Rusty WallacePontiac
38Jimmy MeansPontiac
39Dave MarcisChevrolet
40Bobby Hillin, Jr.Chevrolet

1993 Results

October 10, 1993
Time of race 3:14:31
Average speed 154.357 mph
Margin of victory 1.83 seconds

1Ernie IrvanFord
2Mark MartinFord
3Dale EarnhardtChevrolet
4Rusty WallacePontiac
5Jeff GordonChevrolet
6Jimmy SpencerFord
7Kyle PettyPontiac
8Ricky RuddChevrolet
9Ken SchraderChevrolet
10Bill ElliottFord
11Lake SpeedFord
12Harry GantChevrolet
13Geoff BodineFord
14Morgan ShepherdFord
15Brett BodineFord
16Terry LabonteChevrolet
17Sterling MarlinFord
18Rick MastFord
19Darrell WaltripChevrolet
20Bobby Hillin, Jr.Ford
21Ted MusgraveFord
22Dick TrickleChevrolet
23Hut StricklinFord
24Wally Dallenbach, Jr.Ford
25Joe NemechekChevrolet
26Dale JarrettChevrolet
27Michael WaltripPontiac
28Bobby LabonteFord
29Jeremy MayfieldFord
30Mike WallaceFord
31John AndrettiChevrolet
32Greg SacksFord
33Chad LittleFord
34Jerry O'NeilChevrolet
35Kenny WallacePontiac
36Rick WilsonPontiac
37Bobby HamiltonFord
38Jim SauterFord
39Derrike CopeFord
40Rich BickleFord
41Andy HillenburgChevrolet
42Todd BodineFord

1994 Results

October 9, 1994
Time of race 3:26:00
Average speed 145.922 mph

1Dale JarrettChevrolet
2Morgan ShepherdFord
3Dale EarnhardtChevrolet
4Ken SchraderChevrolet
5Lake SpeedFord
6Brett BodineFord
7Terry LabonteChevrolet
8Derrike CopeFord
9Darrell WaltripChevrolet
10Michael WaltripPontiac
11Joe NemechekChevrolet
12Rick MastFord
13Dick TrickleChevrolet
14Kenny WallaceFord
15Bobby Hillin, Jr.Ford
16Jimmy SpencerFord
17Mike WallaceFord
18Ted MusgraveFord
19Bobby HamiltonPontiac
20Jeremy MayfieldFord
21Hut StricklinFord
22Harry GantChevrolet
23Joe RuttmanFord
24John AndrettiPontiac
25Jeff BurtonFord
26Steve GrissomChevrolet
27Loy AllenFord
28Jeff GordonChevrolet
29Ricky RuddFord
30Kyle PettyPontiac
31Robert PressleyChevrolet
32Geoff BodineFord
33Bill ElliottFord
34Billy StandridgeFord
35Greg SacksFord
36Sterling MarlinChevrolet
37Rusty WallaceFord
38Todd BodineFord
39Mark MartinFord
40Jimmy HensleyFord
41Ward BurtonChevrolet
42Bobby LabontePontiac

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