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The Crittenden Name

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

The Crittenden Name

The Crittenden Name

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Crittenden Escutcheon
This section is of automotive information relating to persons and entities with the Crittenden or a similar name.

Crittenden Topics

Bailey Crittenden
     competitor at the 2013 All American Soap Box Derby

Bill Crittenden
     Schaumburg/Woodstock, Illinois - owner of The Crittenden Automotive Library

Bill Crittenden
     Chattanooga, Tennessee - salesman at Mtn View Nissan

Bradford M. Crittenden
     Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol, 1959-1967

Breony Crittenden
     automotive designer

Casey Crittenden
     drift driver & writer

Fanny Crittenden
     plaintiff in precedent-setting legal case

George A. Crittenden
     executive with the Krit Motor Car Company

George Crittenden
     drag racing historian

Graham Crittenden
     upholsterer from Australia

J.A. Crittenden
     employee of Covey Motor Car Co. of Portland, Oregon

Jim Crittenden
     Transportation Director for Alpine School District (Utah)

Kenneth Crittenden
     designer for and financial supporter of the K-R-I-T Motor Car Company

Larry Crittenden
     sales manager at Harrison-White Pontiac

Gene Crittendon
     race car driver

Chandler Cruttenden

Crittenden Mariott
     author for Hudson

The Crittenden Automotive Library
     automotive information resource

Crittenden Park
     A race track in Rochester, New York. Formerly a county fairgrounds, the horse racing track was opened to automobile and motorcycle racing as early as 1906 (based on newspaper references).  The track was closed in 1914 when race track betting was restricted, and the owner gave up on the facility.

Crittenden Racing
     slot car racing team name used by Bill Crittenden in the mid-1990's

K-R-I-T (Krit) Motor Car Company
     American automobile manufacturer funded by and possibly named for Kenneth Crittenden

Strong-Crittenden Company
     sales agents for Lozier, Pope-Hartford and White automobiles - founded in 1910 by Henry G. Strong

Trevor Crittenden Motorsport
     Australian touring car racing team


DateMedia or Collection Name & DetailsFiles
21-23 July 2013Bailey Crittenden at the 2013 All American Soap Box Derby
Akron, Ohio
Bill Crittenden of Chattanooga, Tennessee

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This section has government reports on places with the Crittenden name.  There is a Crittenden County in Arkansas and Kentucky.

DateDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
16 April 1918Crittenden v. Murphy
First Appellate District of California
Text - 1 page
2005-2009Traffic Safety Facts - Crittenden County, Arkansas - 2005-2009
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

- 135KB - 4 pages

Article Index

7 May 2009Adequacy Status of the Crittenden County, AR Maintenance Plan 8-Hour Ozone Motor Vehicle Emission Budgets for Transportation Conformity PurposesFederal Register: Environmental Protection Agency (Lawrence E. Starfield)

Crittenden Escutcheon

From Bill Crittenden, Owner of The Crittenden Automotive Library:

The Crittenden name originates in Kent, England.

According to traditional rules of English heraldry, each Crittenden could have their own similar symbols, but the one found most often online and accepted with the name includes a blue escutcheon (the shield most often associated with heraldry) with a silver chevron pointing upwards in the middle of the shield, and three silver estoiles (celestial stars) around the chevron.  In English heraldry, outside the escutcheon there would be supporters (animal images on either side of the escutcheon) and a banner that would include the family name.

As I prefer simpler, cleaner styles, the one I have come up with for modern usage is a French style shield without any of the surrounding elements.  The only design on the shield is a single large estoile, which I found fitting not only for tradition's sake but also because it symbolizes knowledge.  The background color is dark green, which is more significant to me in regards to it's meaning to English automotive history as British Racing Green than it's meaning in English heraldry.  Plus, it's my favorite color.  As there are no elements outside the escutcheon I've done something completely untraditional and included the name on the escutcheon itself.

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