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Unsteady Ground, The Future of NASCAR

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Unsteady Ground, The Future of NASCAR

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
July 9, 2007

It is evident that today's topics of discussion regarding NASCAR have touched a nerve of many. Passion is a tremendous asset regardless of what it is you feel it for, whether it be NASCAR or chick flicks. Belief and support from its fans are what has brought NASCAR to the sports superpower it is today. However, it does not matter whether you agree with the masses or not. Collectively as fans, we cannot deny the fact that our favorite form of auto racing is perched right over a gigantic fault line; waiting for "the big one". It is the sanctioning body to decide NASCAR's fate.

Regardless if you are a Chevy, Ford, Dodge, or Toyota fan, an Earnhardt, Gordon, Martin, or Stewart fan, the one item which we cannot deny is the fact that something is definitely "amiss". To the veteran follower, we have seen the progressive degradation of a sport that spawned from unlawful, yet humble beginnings to become a sport empire. It would be safe to say that even newer fans, or casual watchers coming in are sitting back in their recliners and saying, "hmmmm".

However it's considered sac-religious when one of NASCAR's own takes notice and speaks out of their sport's inconsistencies. The superpower claims to never penalize a driver for speaking out against officiating and policy, but they found a way. Yet, drivers are heard. Penalized or not, they are heard, and NASCAR, not admittingly so, takes corrective measures. Chances are, they were receiving TONS of correspondence regarding their ill-fated practices before Stewart went public, but it took THAT to bring it to a head.
All fans have a right to whine here folks, justifiably. However, we're whining about the wrong reaches of the sport. It's not about who's driver got their dicks dragged through the dirt, it should be about the continued corrupt practices of NASCAR as a whole. We're ALL being wronged by a sport we've poured immense amounts of support into through our time and money.

Indeed it would be interesting to get the takes of past legends, still surviving, such as Rex White, Marvin Panch, Pete Hamilton, Dick Fleck, Russ Truelove, Cotton Owens, or Junior Johnson. There's no sponsorship obligations for those gentlemen to meet, they don't have to concern themselves with being politically correct. Let's hear what they have to say. I would also guess there are some grave sites rumbling amongst our passed legends such as Fonty, Tim, and Bob Flock, Glen Roberts, Curtis Turner, Joe Weatherly, or Tiny Lund. Truly disturbed by the progressive sterilization of a sport that they saw as ground-breaking, competitive, and colorful.

We will always have our favorite driver, and we will always support them, and disagree with those who shun them. Please realize that fan unity as a NASCAR family, is the only way the voice will be heard, and results be seen. It lies within our power to giveth, and taketh away. It is NASCAR's responsibility to acknowledge that fact before what was once great is nothing more than CART racing.

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