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Renault charged with Formula One race fixing

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Renault charged with Formula One race fixing

September 5, 2009

An investigation by the FIA has led to Formula One team Renault to be called to appear before the World Motor Sport Council to answer a race fixing allegation.

The charge stems from last year's Singapore Grand Prix. Renault Fernando Alonso won the race after taking an early refuelling stop. Fellow Renault driver Nelson Piquet Jr. then crashed, causing a safety car to come out. One by one the cars ahead of Alonso pitted for fuel, allowing him to move up from nineteenth to take victory.

Piquet has always maintained that the crash was an accident. If the charges are upheld, the punishments could include a fine, exclusion from races or complete disqualification from the current championship.

Renault are due to appear before the council in Paris on September 21st, days before this year's race in Singapore. The team has refused to comment before the hearing.

Renault have already been in trouble this season, being suspended for one race after releasing Alonso's car with an unsafe wheel, which came off on the track. The team succeeded in appealing this.

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