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Chuck Bown

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Chuck Bown

Born:  February 22, 1954
Hometown:  Portland, Oregon

A NASCAR driver.

His accomplishments include:
1990 NASCAR Busch Grand National Series Champion

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Racing Record

Article Index

February 17, 2006NASCAR Media Conference: Busch Series 25th AnniversaryChuck Bown
Tommy Ellis
Jack Ingram
Larry Pearson


Collectable Cards

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Set & #CardDetails
1992 Maxx 34Chuck BownNescafé Classic Pontiac

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

Winston Cup Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Busch Grand National Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Craftsman Truck Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Win List

July 14, 1986Busch Grand NationalOxford 250Oxford Plains Speedway
April 28, 1990Busch Grand NationalU-Can Rent 200Lanier Raceway
May 5, 1990Busch Grand NationalRose's Stores 200South Boston Speedway
May 19, 1990Busch Grand NationalGranger Select 200Hickory Motor Speedway
June 9, 1990Busch Grand NationalRose's Stores 200Orange County Speedway
July 8, 1990Busch Grand NationalTrue Value Oxford 250Oxford Plains Speedway
August 11, 1990Busch Grand NationalTexas Pete Sauces 200Orange County Speedway
May 11, 1991Busch Grand NationalPontiac Pacesetters 200Pennsylvania International Raceway
June 22, 1991Busch Grand NationalCarolina Pride/Budweiser 250Myrtle Beach Speedway
July 27, 1991Busch Grand NationalGranger Select 200Pulaski County Speedway
October 17, 1993Busch Grand NationalAdvance Auto Parts 500Martinsville Speedway

Race-by-Race Record

January 19, 1975Winston CupWinston Western 500Riverside International RacewayDodge03Rose Auto Wrecking527Out (Transmission)82/0$925
June 8, 1975Winston CupTuborg 400Riverside International RacewayDodge03Rose Auto Wrecking1134Out (Vibration)61/0$570
September 28, 1975Winston CupOld Dominion 500Martinsville SpeedwayChevrolet26Joiner Racing2126Out (Rear End Seal)PE$570
October 5, 1975Winston CupNational 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet26Joiner Racing3312Running127/0$2,525
November 23, 1975Winston CupLos Angeles Times 500Ontario Motor SpeedwayDodge03Rose Auto Wrecking2038Out (Valve)49/0$570
January 18, 1976Winston CupWinston Western 500Riverside International RacewayDodge3Rose Auto Wrecking1116Out (Rear End)120/5$1,445
June 13, 1976Winston CupRiverside 400Riverside International RacewayChevrolet1Lake's Drywall1919Running106/0$1,115
September 26, 1976Winston CupOld Dominion 500Martinsville SpeedwayChevrolet1Lake's Drywall1428Out (Accident)79/0$570
November 7, 1976Winston CupDixie 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet1Lake's Drywall1031Out (Left Front Wheel Bearing)70/0$835
November 21, 1976Winston CupLos Angeles Times 500Ontario Motor SpeedwayChevrolet1Lake's Drywall1319Out (Engine Failure)106/0$1,515
January 16, 1977Winston CupWinston Western 500Riverside International RacewayChevrolet1Lake's Drywall2713Running124/0$3,760
June 12, 1977Winston CupNAPA 400Riverside International RacewayChevrolet01Lake's Drywall925Out (Engine Failure)88/0$1,800
November 20, 1977Winston CupLos Angeles Times 500Ontario Motor SpeedwayUnknown01Unknown1839Out (Accident)46/0$1,710
March 19, 1978Winston CupAtlanta 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet77Ray2530Out (Engine Failure)73/0$785
April 9, 1978Winston CupRebel 500Darlington RacewayChevrolet77Ray2030Out (Accident)73/0$805
April 23, 1978Winston CupVirginia 500Martinsville SpeedwayChevrolet77Ray1324Out (Rear End)91/0$610
May 14, 1978Winston CupWinston 500Talladega SuperspeedwayChevrolet77Holiday Campers3233Out (Engine Failure)64/0$1,385
February 18, 1979Winston CupDaytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayBuick68Kings Inn287Running146/0$18,895
March 18, 1979Winston CupAtlanta 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayBuick68Kings Mountain916Running115/0$1,600
April 22, 1979Winston CupVirginia 500Martinsville SpeedwayBuick68Kings Mountain723Out (Engine Failure)PE$620
May 27, 1979Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayBuick68Kings Mountain3240Out (Did Not Start)PE$1,215
July 4, 1979Winston CupFireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayBuick68King Mountain Truck126Running150/0$4,990
September 3, 1979Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayBuick68Kings Mountain2117Running112/0$3,100
October 7, 1979Winston CupNAPA 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet68Boy Scouts Special1133Out (Engine Failure)PE$960
January 19, 1980Winston CupWinston Western 500Riverside International RacewayChevrolet47J&S Trucking1936Out (Differential)55/0$500
February 17, 1980Winston CupDaytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayOldsmobile68King Mountain Truck1535Out (Clutch)58/0$3,350
June 15, 1980Winston CupGabriel 400Michigan International SpeedwayOldsmobile02Halpern Enterprises531Out (Accident)70/0$750
July 4, 1980Winston CupFireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayOldsmobile02Halpern2437Out (Engine Failure)PE$810
July 27, 1980Winston CupCoca-Cola 500Pocono RacewayChevrolet02Halpern Enterprises1735Out (Accident)58/0$960
September 1, 1980Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayChevrolet75Rahmoc Racing1911RunningPE$3,725
October 5, 1980Winston CupNational 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet02Halpern Enterprises1425Out (Engine Failure)88/0$1,750
November 15, 1980Winston CupLos Angeles Times 500Ontario Motor SpeedwayDodge9310,000 RPM3327Out (Accident)PE$1,300
May 24, 1981Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayBuick99Coca-Cola4139Out (Engine Failure)PE$1,950
November 1, 1981Winston CupAmerican 500North Carolina Motor SpeedwayBuick16Rose Auto Wrecking2828Out (Engine Failure)79/0$650
November 8, 1981Winston CupAtlanta Journal 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayBuick16Rose Auto Wrecking2615Out (Engine Failure)118/0$2,125

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