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Stirling Moss

Special Collections Reference Desk
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Open Wheel Racing

Stirling Moss

Former Formula 1 driver.

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Formula 1 Race History


Lucky For Some - 1955 Monaco Grand Prix Art Lucky For Some
Artist: Alfredo de la Maria
Car: 1955 Mercedes-Benz W196
1955 Monaco Grand Prix, on May 22nd.
Stirling Moss in No. 6.
Image courtesy CarArt.us
View Lucky For Some - 1955 Monaco Grand Prix Art - 91KB
Monaco Magic - 1957 Monaco Grand Prix Art Monaco Magic II
Close-up of Stirling Moss

Artist: Alfredo de la Maria
Car: Vanwall

1957 Monaco Grand Prix, on May 19th: Juan Manuel Fangio in the winning Maserati 250F hotly pursued by Stirling Moss in his British Racing Green Vanwall and Peter Collins in his Lancia Ferrari 801, climbing the Montée Beau-Rivage. Also driving an 801 is Mike Hawthorn, right behind Collins.
Image courtesy CarArt.us
View "Monaco Magic" - 1957 Monaco Grand Prix Art - 197KB

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March-April 1972Here and There in Motoring's Past: 1903 & 1955 - Cross Country RacingPeter Helck

Formula 1 Race History

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DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
May 27, 1951SwissHWM-Alta1480
May 18, 1952SwissHWM-Alta9Withdraw0
June 22, 1952BelgianERA-Bristol10Retired0
July 19, 1952BritishERA-Bristol16Retired0
August 17, 1952DutchERA18Retired0
September 7, 1952ItalianConnaught-Francis1Retired0
June 7, 1953DutchConnaught-Francis990
July 5, 1953FrenchCooper-Alta13Retired0
August 2, 1953GermanCooper-Alta1260
September 13, 1953ItalianCooper-Alta10130
June 20, 1954BelgianMaserati934
July 17, 1954BritishMaserati6Retired0
August 1, 1954GermanMaserati3Retired0
August 22, 1954SwissMaserati3Retired0
September 5, 1954ItalianMaserati3100
October 24, 1954SpanishMaserati6Retired0
January 16, 1955ArgentineMercedes8SHR1
May 22, 1955MonacoMercedes390
June 5, 1955BelgianMercedes326
June 19, 1955DutchMercedes226
July 16, 1955BritishMercedes119
September 11, 1955ItalianMercedes2Retired0
January 22, 1956ArgentineMaserati7Retired0
May 13, 1956MonacoMaserati218
June 3, 1956BelgianMaserati2Retired0
July 1, 1956FrenchMaserati8SHR1
July 14, 1956BritishMaserati1Retired1
August 5, 1956GermanMaserati426
September 2, 1956ItalianMaserati619
January 13, 1957ArgentineMaserati181
May 19, 1957MonacoVanwall3Retired0
July 20, 1957BritishVanwall315
August 4, 1957GermanVanwall752
August 18, 1957PescaraVanwall219
September 2, 1957ItalianVanwall218
January 19, 1958ArgentineCooper-Climax718
May 18, 1958MonacoVanwall8Retired0
May 26, 1958DutchVanwall218
June 15, 1958BelgianVanwall9Retired0
July 6, 1958FrenchVanwall626
July 19, 1958BritishVanwall1Retired0
August 3, 1958GermanVanwall3Retired0
August 24, 1958PortugueseVanwall118
September 7, 1958ItalianVanwall1Retired0
October 19, 1958MoroccoVanwall218
May 10, 1959MonacoCooper-Climax1Retired0
May 31, 1959DutchCooper-Climax3Retired0
July 5, 1959FrenchBRM4DSQ0
July 18, 1959BritishBRM726
August 2, 1959GermanCooper-Climax2Retired0
August 23, 1959PortugueseCooper-Climax118
September 13, 1959ItalianCooper-Climax118
December 12, 1959United StatesCooper-Climax1Retired0
February 7, 1960ArgentineCooper-Climax1Retired0
May 29, 1960MonacoLotus-Climax118
June 6, 1960DutchLotus-Climax143
June 19, 1960BelgianLotus-Climax3Retired0
August 14, 1960PortugueseLotus-Climax4DSQ0
November 20, 1960United StatesLotus-Climax118
May 14, 1961MonacoLotus-Climax119
May 22, 1961DutchLotus-Climax443
June 18, 1961BelgianLotus-Climax880
July 2, 1961FrenchLotus-Climax4Retired0
July 15, 1961BritishLotus-Climax5Retired0
August 6, 1961GermanLotus-Climax319
September 10, 1961ItalianLotus-Climax11Retired0
October 8, 1961United StatesLotus-Climax3Retired0

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