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Argentine Grand Prix

Open Wheel Racing

Argentine Grand Prix

A Formula 1 race.

18 January 1953Alberto AscariFerrari1953 Race Information & Results
17 January 1954Juan Manuel FangioMaserati1954 Race Information & Results
16 January 1955Juan Manuel FangioMercedes1955 Race Information & Results
22 January 1956Luigi MussoFerrari1956 Race Information & Results
13 January 1957Juan Manuel FangioMaserati1957 Race Information & Results
19 January 1958Stirling MossCooper-Climax1958 Race Information & Results

1953 Results

January 18, 1953
Fastest lap:  1:48.400 by Alberto Ascari

11Alberto AscariFerrari10973:01:04.69
23Luigi VilloresiFerrari1496+1 Lap6
35Jose Froilan GonzalezMaserati496+1 Lap4
46Mike HawthornFerrari1696+1 Lap3
59Oscar Alfredo GalvezMaserati896+1 Lap2
611Jean BehraGordini3094+3 Laps
77Harry SchellGordini2891+6 Laps
816John BarberCooper-Bristol2290+7 Laps
912Alan BrownCooper-Bristol2087+10 Laps
10Robert ManzonGordini2667Wheel
11Juan Manuel FangioMaserati236Transmission
12Felice BonettoMaserati632Transmission
13Nino FarinaFerrari1231Accident
14Carlos MenditeguyGordini3224Gearbox
15Pablo BirgerSimca-Gordini-Gordini3421Differential
16Adolfo SchewelmCooper-Bristol2420Wheel

1954 Results

January 17, 1954
Fastest lap:  1'48.200 by Jose Froilan Gonzalez

13Juan Manuel FangioMaserati2873:00:55.88
21Nino FarinaFerrari1087+1:19.06
32Jose Froilan GonzalezFerrari1287+2:01.05
45Maurice TrintignantFerrari2686+1 Lap3
515Elie BayolGordini2085+2 Laps2
611Harry SchellMaserati2884+3 Laps
710Prince BiraMaserati883+4 Laps
813Toulo de GraffenriedMaserati3083+4 Laps
912Umberto MaglioliFerrari1682+5 Laps
1017Jean BehraGordini1861Disqualified
114Mike HawthornFerrari1452Disqualified
126Onofre MarimonMaserati448Engine
138Roberto MieresMaserati3237Oil leak
1416Roger LoyerGordini2219Oil pressure
1518Jorge DaponteMaserati3419Gearbox
1614Louis RosierFerrari241Accident
177Luigi MussoMaserati60Did not start

1955 Results

January 16, 1955
Fastest lap:  1:48.300 by Juan Manuel Fangio

13Juan Manuel FangioMercedes2963:00:38.69
2 (SHR)1Jose Froilan GonzalezFerrari1296+1:29.62
3 (SHR)5Nino FarinaFerrari1094+2 Laps3.3
4 (SHR)10Hans HerrmannMercedes894+2 Laps1
516Roberto MieresMaserati1891+5 Laps2
67Harry SchellMaserati2288+8 Laps
718Luigi MussoMaserati2283+13 Laps
819Sergio MantovaniMaserati2054Engine
920Clemar BucciMaserati2654Fuel pressure
1017Jesus IglesiasGordini4238Transmission
11 (SHR)19Maurice TrintignantFerrari1036Engine3.3
1212Eugenio CastellottiLancia3635Accident
13 (SHR)8Stirling MossMercedes629Fuel system1
1421Alberto UriaMaserati3022Out of fuel
152Alberto AscariLancia3221Accident
1615Elie BayolGordini387Transmission
174Jean BehraMaserati162Accident
18 (SHR)6Karl KlingMercedes42Accident1
1911Luigi VilloresiLancia342Fuel leak
SHRUmberto MaglioliFerrari101.3

1956 Results

January 22, 1956
Fastest lap:  1:45.300 by Juan Manuel Fangio

1 (SHR)3Luigi MussoFerrari34983:00:03.74
24Jean BehraMaserati498+ 0:24.46
38Mike HawthornMaserati1496+2 Laps4
4 (SHR)11Gerino GeriniMaserati1092+6 Laps1.5
510Olivier GendebienFerrari3891+7 Laps2
613Oscar GonzalezMaserati1688+10 Laps
7 (RET)7Stirling MossMaserati281Engine
8 (RET)9Peter CollinsFerrari3658Accident
9 (RET)12Luigi PiottiMaserati857Accident
10 (RET)6Carlos MenditeguyMaserati642Halfshaft
11 (RET)2Eugenio CastellottiFerrari3240Gearbox
12 (RET)5Jose Froilan GonzalezMaserati1224Engine
13 (RET)1Juan Manuel FangioFerrari3022Fuel pump4
Chico LandiMaserati101.5

1957 Results

January 13, 1957
Fastest lap:  1:45.300 by Stirling Moss

12Juan Manuel FangioMaserati21003:00:55.98
23Jean BehraMaserati6100+0:18.36
38Carlos MenditeguyMaserati899+1 Lap4
49Harry SchellMaserati2298+2 Laps3
5 (SHR)10Alfonso de PortagoFerrari2098+2 Laps1
611Wolfgang von TripsFerrari1898+2 Laps
713Jo BonnierMaserati2495+5 Laps
81Stirling MossMaserati493+7 Laps1
912Alessandro de TomasoFerrari2691+9 Laps
1014Luigi PiottiMaserati2890+10 Laps
11 (RET)4Eugenio CastellottiFerrari1475Wheel
12 (RET)7Mike HawthornFerrari1635Clutch
13 (RET)6Luigi MussoFerrari1231Clutch
14 (RET)5Peter CollinsFerrari1026Clutch
15 (RET)Jose Froilan GonzalezFerrari201

1958 Results

January 19, 1958
Fastest lap:  1:41.800 by Juan Manuel Fangio

17Stirling MossCooper-Climax14802:19:33.78
25Luigi MussoFerrari1680+0:02.76
32Mike HawthornFerrari2080+0:12.64
41Juan Manuel FangioMaserati280+0:53.03
54Jean BehraMaserati478+2 Laps2
68Harry SchellMaserati877+3 Laps
76Carlos MenditeguyMaserati676+4 Laps
89Paco GodiaMaserati1075+5 Laps
910Horace GouldMaserati1271+9 Laps
10 (RET)3Peter CollinsFerrari180Halfshaft

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