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Marchant Finishes 10th in Late Model Debut

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Garrett Marchant

Marchant Finishes 10th in Late Model Debut

Bradley Carpenter/Garrett Marchant Racing
September 24, 2011

14 year old Garrett Marchant hopped behind the wheel of the #76 Lscautoshipping.com limited late model at Orange County Speedway September 24th for the first time in his career. What started out to be a great weekend for Marchant ended quickly in his first lap of practice the day of the race when the back end came around on him going into turn 1&2. Luckily Marchant suffered minor damage and was able to make it out on track five minutes later.

Second practice was a bit better but Marchant still was not matching his practice speed from Thursday afternoon. Garrett was complaining of a VERY loose racecar. Crew chief/spotter Tom Elliott threw some setup adjustments to the car before qualifying. When Marchant went to qualify he had no idea what to expect once again. Garrett would qualify in the 13th position, the car was better through the corner, it was now just loose on exit.

It was now time to race! Marchant started from the 13th position and during the race his goal was quote “to not wreck it.” He would still battle a car that was loose on exit but he said “It was the best it had been all day.” Garrett would work his way up to the 10th spot by the end of the night with a car in one piece, which was a win in and of itself!

Garrett’s quotes:

” It was a long but very fun week! We had our ups and downs for sure. I was kind of upset we never matched the speed or handling we had on Thursday afternoon but I guess that’s how racing works. I have to thank my sponsor Lone Star Car Transportation/lscautoshipping.com for making this happen. Thanks to my Dad, Tom Elliot, Grandaddy, and Uncle Jimmy for working on it all weekend long and I can’t thank God enough for blessing me! Bring on 2012!!!”

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