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Bradley Carpenter

Stock Car Racing

Bradley Carpenter

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Bradley Carpenter 2012 Alycia Stewart, Hunter Stewart and Bradley Carpenter (L-R) at the 2012 Carolina Auto Racing Show.
View photo of Bradley Carpenter - 1.2MB
Last Lap Marketing Teams Up With Racing 2 Cure, Becomes 1st Promoter Ambassador for the Non-Profit Organization

Article Index

19 July 2011Danny Bagwell Continues ISCARS Dominance Bradley Carpenter
3 August 2011Bagwell Makes History Gerchak Ends Bagwells Streak (Latest) Bradley Carpenter
15 September 2011ISCARS 2011 High Speed Chase Roars On Bradley Carpenter
18 September 2011Danny Bagwell Sweeps at Newport Speedway Bradley Carpenter
24 September 2011Race preview: Orange County SpeedwayBradley Carpenter
24 September 2011Marchant Finishes 10th in Late Model DebutBradley Carpenter
29 September 2011It All Comes Down to This... Bradley Carpenter
1 October 2011Danny Bagwell Domination Concludes 2011 Season Bradley Carpenter
5 October 2011ISCARS DASH Touring Season In the Books Bradley Carpenter
8 December 2011Joey Jones: WIDE OPEN 24/7 Bradley Carpenter
9 December 2011Garrett Marchant Racing Goes Limited in Late Model Series Garrett Marchant Announces 2012 Season PreviewBradley Carpenter
19 December 2011Nick Martin: WIDE OPEN 24/7 Bradley Carpenter
29 December 2011Garrett Marchant Racing Includes Fans in 2012 Season GMR Announces Fan Sponsored Car and Fan ClubBradley Carpenter
January 2012Ask Garrett LIVE! Set to Return this Weekend Bradley Carpenter
5 January 2012ISCARS Welcomes 2012- A Season of Excitement Bradley Carpenter
17 January 2012Garrett Marchant Named Race 101 Scholarship Recipient, Receives a 2012 Scholarship to Advance Racing KnowledgeBradley Carpenter
17 January 2012Last Lap Marketing Teams Up With Racing 2 Cure, Becomes 1st Promoter Ambassador for the Non-Profit OrganizationBradley Carpenter
23 January 2012Robert Tighe III: WIDE OPEN 24/7 Bradley Carpenter
25 January 2012What in the world have I been up to?Bradley Carpenter
30 January 2012Last Lap Marketing Goes Off the Track, Partnership with Radio Show AnnouncedBradley Carpenter
1 February 2012The Challenge is on at Garrett Marchant Racing, GMR Partners with Body by Vi for 2012 SeasonBradley Carpenter
6 February 2012Mike Guerity: WIDE OPEN 24/7 Bradley Carpenter
9 February 2012Gearing Up for a Weekend of Learning Garrett Marchant Ready for RACE 101 ProgramBradley Carpenter
10 February 2012Robert Tighe Racing Partners with Golden Eagle ManufacturingBradley Carpenter
23 February 2012Former ISCARS Race Winner Caleb Roark in Daytona Bradley Carpenter
27 February 2012Testing a Success for Garrett Marchant, Garrett Marchant Completes First Test at Southern NationalBradley Carpenter
1 March 2012Garrett Marchant to Make 1st Southern National Start Bradley Carpenter
12 March 2012BMR Motorsports Expands to Two Car Team, Clifton Savage Joins Garrett Marchant in 2012Bradley Carpenter
23 March 2012DE Motorsports Helping Win the Fight Auto-X Team Joins the Racing 2 Cure FamilyBradley Carpenter
26 March 2012BMR Motorsports Becomes a Last Lap Marketing ClientBradley Carpenter
29 March 2012Garrett Marchant Takes the Green FlagBradley Carpenter
30 March 2012Blake Ferguson Back in the Driver’s Seat 2012 Season is UnderwayBradley Carpenter
30 March 2012Eric Gerchak: ISCARS WIDE OPEN 24/7 Bradley Carpenter
3 April 2012Clifton Savage Announces Fan CarBradley Carpenter
10 April 2012Garrett Marchant’s First Race of 2012 is in the Books Rough Start at Southern National Motorsports ParkBradley Carpenter
13 April 2012Garrett Marchant Returns to Familiar Seat Will be Driving No. 76 This Weekend at Southern NationalBradley Carpenter
17 April 2012Old Seat Still Feels New For Garrett Marchant Bradley Carpenter
23 April 2012Garrett Marchant Named as Racing 2 Cure Ambassador Bradley Carpenter
30 April 2012Walgreens of Chino Valley, Arizona Joins Garrett Marchant West Coast Store Finds East Coast DriverBradley Carpenter
2 May 2012It’s Back… Garrett Marchant to Drive No. 77 this Weekend Sights Set on Exciting Weekend at Southern NationalBradley Carpenter
15 May 2012Garrett Marchant Drives from Rear to Great Finish Rain Make-up Race a Success for MarchantBradley Carpenter
24 May 2012Marchant Picking up Speed Bradley Carpenter
30 May 2012Memorial Day Weekend, Memorable for Marchant Bradley Carpenter
5 June 2012Marchant on a Strong Summer Start Bradley Carpenter
7 June 2012Learning is Key for Garrett Marchant Bradley Carpenter
12 June 2012Night Ends Early at Southern National for Marchant Bradley Carpenter
18 June 2012First Annual Garrett Marchant Fan Appreciation Day Announced Proceeds to Benefit Racing 2 Cure Bradley Carpenter
22 June 2012Insane Season Continues for Garrett Marchant Bradley Carpenter
27 June 2012Marchant Making Moves Bradley Carpenter
29 June 2012Hot Track on Tap for Marchant Bradley Carpenter
4 July 2012Staying Cool, Key for No. 77 Team Bradley Carpenter
9 July 2012Garrett Marchant Keeps Trucking Bradley Carpenter
12 July 2012Testing His Skills: Garrett Marchant in Points Battle Bradley Carpenter
20 July 2012The Time is Now for Marchant Bradley Carpenter
8 August 20125 is on Marchant’s Mind Bradley Carpenter
18 September 2012The Sun Sets on Marchant’s 2012 Season Bradley Carpenter
17 October 2012Garrett Marchant to Race Full Time at Southern National in 2013 Bradley Carpenter
22 October 2012Garrett Marchant’s First Fire Suit Up for Auction Bradley Carpenter
14 November 20122009 USAC Ford Focus Midget Champion Andrew Mulhearn Joins Last Lap MarketingBradley Carpenter
31 December 2012Garrett Marchant Fan Car to Return in 2013 Bradley Carpenter
25 January 2013More Races Added to Marchant’s 2013 SeasonBradley Carpenter
28 January 2013Building Sweets Seen in Marchant’s FutureBradley Carpenter
14 February 2013Cows, Chickens, and a Car? Bradley Carpenter
26 February 2013Marchant Leaves Mark for the Future Bradley Carpenter
2 March 2013Marchant Loses Power in Season Opener Bradley Carpenter
13 March 2013Will it be Marchant's Lucky Weekend? Bradley Carpenter
19 March 20131st Annual Racing 2 Cure Day at Victory Lane Karting Fuels Ongoing Fight Against CancerRacing 2 Cure
14 April 2013Marchant's Crazy Season Rolls On Bradley Carpenter
May 2013Fan of the Month: May 2013 Bradley Carpenter
2 May 2013Smith Family Martial Arts Joins Garrett MarchantBradley Carpenter
7 May 2013Full Charge Ahead for Team 77 Bradley Carpenter
7 July 2013Garrett Marchant Has Strong Run at Southern NationalBradley Carpenter
25 July 2013Marchant Ready for Eduro 125 Lap Race Saturday Bradley Carpenter
5 August 2013Marchant Looking for a Keen Start with Keen Parts Partnership Bradley Carpenter
23 September 2013Green, Green, Green Every for Garrett Marchant Bradley Carpenter
6 October 2013Marchant is Crazy about PinkBradley Carpenter
10 April 2014Marchant Hopes to “Generate” His Season with the Help of New PartnerBradley Carpenter
14 April 2014Marchant finishes 5th at East Carolina Motor speedway on April 4, 2014; Looking for a win on april 18, 2014Bradley Carpenter
20 April 2014Wild Night At ECMS On April 18 Results In 6th Place Finish For MarchantBradley Carpenter
1 May 2014Marchant Ready to Race on May 2, 2014Bradley Carpenter
8 May 2014Things Don't Always Go As Planned; Marchant Finishes 6th on May 2, 2014Bradley Carpenter
14 May 2014Will Marchant Be In The Right Place At The Right Time On May 16, 2014?Bradley Carpenter

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