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NASCAR Winston Cup Preview

Stock Car Racing Topics:  NASCAR Winston Cup

NASCAR Winston Cup Preview

Danny Culler
January 18, 2003


Q. Danny is a spotter for the 29 Team. He left Richard Childress and went to DEI and now he is back at Richard Childress. The question is, Danny, as a spotter, what is your primary responsibility.

DANNY CULLER: Well, I guess driver safety is our main responsibility.

Q. With different teams you do different things, but NASCAR keeps saying don't let the spotter drive the car. Where is the line drawn there? What do you want to keep your driver informed about?

DANNY CULLER: Well, basically, with the accidents in front of you, you're the second set of eyes for the driver. You keep the forward vision for him. In the cars today, they can't see that far in front of them. You try to look ahead of the car and prevent him from being caught up in some type of accident.

Q. With the head and neck restraint can they see to the left or right or do you have to tell them whether there is a car there?

DANNY CULLER: Yes, I have to do that too, the visibility is poor out of the windows and side views.

Q. The importance of a spotter: it's proven over and over again -- what do you think about Formula One that's supposedly the most advanced form of racing technology-wise, they have done away with car to pit communication now?

DANNY CULLER: I guess Formula One, most of their races are on road courses -- all of them actually. I don't think a spotter is probably as relevant there as on a speedway like NASCAR Winston Cup is.

Q. Who are you going to be with this season?

DANNY CULLER: Kevin Harvick.

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