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McLaren once again under investigation

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McLaren once again under investigation

Cindy Ferguson
September 13, 2007

The McLaren team is once again under investigation, this time by Italian prosecutors. McLaren already have to deal with a second World Motor Sport Council trial in Paris this coming Thursday following the presence of recent evidence regarding the "spy gate" outrage.

The squad was declared accountable of deceitful behavior at the first hearing when they were trapped in ownership of mechanical information belonging to Ferrari. Nonetheless, there was no punishment forced due to the fact that there was not enough proof to implicate them.

Just shortly after Mclaren had won a pole position for the Italian Grand Prix, court officials stopped over to the Paddock at Monza to pay the team members a visit and Mclaren stated the situation was completely uncalled for. They suspect that it was done to distract them from the competition.

However, the state of affairs came to pass because of an email swap linking Alonso and test driver Pedro de la Rosa and the finger is being pointed to Ron Dennis, head of the McLaren team, and his technical group for industrial espionage, fraud and sabotage. The intrusion pursues indictments that McLaren made use of “dirty tricks” to spy on Italy’s Ferrari, the current champions, and steal a march in this year’s constructors’ race.

The team is not in a good spot and is up against cruel punishments, including being banded from the upcoming season and Ron Dennis, Mclaren’s boss, says that nothing will kick him out of Formula One. He stated that he is now focused on giving a thorough clarification regarding all circumstances that the team has been involved in. Hamilton and Alonso have both stated their interest and obligation in cooperating with the investigation.

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