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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Ford 400

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Ford 400

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Ford 400

Kevin Conway
November 21, 2010


KERRY THARP: Joining us, our 2010 Raybestos Rookie of the Year is Kevin Conway, and Kevin has taken time to come up here. Today he drove the No. 7 Extends Toyota.
Kevin, talk about your rookie season in the NASCAR Spring Cup Series and how you thought you grew as a driver.
KEVIN CONWAY: Well, it's been a crazy year both on and off the racetrack for me. Started off definitely getting thrown into the deep end of the pool, but it's been a year that it's been unforgettable and it's been a year where I feel like I've really grown a lot as a race car driver and as a person off the racetrack.
It's been an awesome opportunity and privilege, and driving with teams that kind of goes back to the old days where it seems like you're driving for smaller independent teams clawing their way trying to make their stronghold in the sport; and when you combine that with a rookie driver, makes for a steep learning curve. Had some awesome people around me this year and a lot of support and people that helped to make this possible, and it's certainly been a dream come true, for sure.
KERRY THARP: What's the biggest thing you've learned as a Sprint Cup Series driver?
KEVIN CONWAY: Just how tough the Sprint Cup Series is and how great these drivers really are. They are the best race car drivers in the world and when you look at the drivers, Jimmie Johnson, what he's just accomplished, as well as Denny and Kevin what they have been able to accomplish; it's pretty awesome to see that they really are the best race car drivers in the world. And I think the biggest thing you learn is just how competitive this series really is.

Q. How did this weekend come together with the 7 car, and what are your prospects for 2011?
KEVIN CONWAY: We are going to announce our 2011 plans very soon, hopefully shortly after the banquet. This weekend Robby Gordon was in Baja for the Baja 1000. And I was planning on practicing and qualifying the car, and one thing kind of led to another and ended up running today.
So we were planning on having Robby come back but he didn't end up coming back and that was a very last-minute decision. So ended up getting a chance to run the car today. Kind of had it set up for him, so we were scrambling to change it around a little bit. We struggled today. Today was really, really tough. We struggled, so I guess he was watching and glad he didn't comeback to run.
Steve Lane has brought a lot to the it table. Robby is a small, independent one-car team that they build everything in house bumper to bumper. Steve has been able to bring a lot of his experience from working with the larger teams like Ganassi and some of the ones from the last few years and it's really helped to bring some new, fresh ideas and get things back to basics a little bit to try to hopefully turn the program around.
KERRY THARP: Thank you for coming in. Thank you for this season and best of luck in the off-season and hope 2011 is even better for you. Thank you.

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