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Garrett Marchant Racing Includes Fans in 2012 Season GMR Announces Fan Sponsored Car and Fan Club

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Garrett Marchant Racing Includes Fans in 2012 Season GMR Announces Fan Sponsored Car and Fan Club

Bradley Carpenter
Last Lap Marketing
December 29, 2011

CHARLOTTE NC (December 29, 2011) – The 2012 season is looking to be the best racing season on and off the track for Garrett Marchant Racing. Fans of Garrett Marchant will be given more access than ever before with an exciting line up of opportunities and events. Some of these include the Garrett Marchant fan club, Garrett Marchant Racing fan car, and autograph events at Southern National Motorsports Park.

The official Garrett Marchant fan club was launched earlier this month on Garrett’s website and for only ten dollars per a person, per a season, members of the fan club get exclusive access to Garrett and Garrett Marchant Racing news. Each welcome package for members includes: an autograph hero card from Garrett, a Racing 2 Cure sticker, an official fan club member certificate, a chance to be the Fan of the Month, and 10% off items purchased online at the soon to be launched GMR Store.

The Garrett Marchant fan car will showcase the names of fans who have supported Garrett Marchant Racing throughout the year by making sponsorship donations to the team. For only ten dollars per a month, a sponsoring fan will get their name on the car, which runs at the last race of the season. In addition, fans taking part in this special program will be on Garrett’s website and a special Facebook photo album that will showcase these proud sponsors. Furthermore, your first month of sponsorship covers your Garrett Marchant fan club dues. For more information on how you can get involved with the Garrett Marchant fan car you can visit Garrett’s website or e-mail fanclub@garrettmarchant.com.

Along with these programs, Garrett is excited to have autograph events next season at the reborn Southern National Motorsports Park. Exact dates are not yet set and will be announced at a later date on Garrett’s website, Facebook, and personal Twitter. Garrett Marchant Racing has also released a new YouTube channel which you can visit and subscribe to at: youtube.com/user/GarrettMarchantRacin. Videos will be made throughout the 2012 season and posted on this new media website.

Garrett Marchant Racing is also still actively looking for sponsors for next season so that the team may run more South East Limited Late Model races. If you would like to get involved in Garrett Marchant Racing please visit the team’s website: www.garrettmarchant.com.

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