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Marchant on a Strong Summer Start

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Garrett Marchant

Marchant on a Strong Summer Start

Bradley Carpenter
Last Lap Marketing
June 5, 2012

Garrett Marchant
LUCAMA, NC (June 5, 2012) – The summer is just getting started and Garrett Marchant driver of the No. 77 Lone Star Car Transportation / Walgreens of Chino Valley, AZ Limited Late Model Chevy is making a statement that this summer is his. Marchant made his first Southeast Limited Late Model start in the Challenger Division this past Saturday at Southern National Motorsports Park. The Challenger Division is a class for those who have not won in a Limited Late Model race or of higher ranking before. Marchant would qualify sixth and have a strong car all race long and came home in the sixth position.

“It was an awesome night for our No. 77 Lone Star Car Transportation / Walgreens of Chino Valley Chevy. By far the best my car has ever handled, it was on a rail. Everyone has done a great job getting my car right and I cannot thank them enough. My goal now is to get a Top 5 and I’ll keep bumping my goals up every weekend. But like my dad and spotter, Tom Elliott, preached to me, I have gained lots of experience racing other drivers,” Garrett Marchant explained after climbing from his car. “Did I have a shot at a top three? Absolutely! But this is a learning and experience gaining year, so I am very happy.”

Garrett Marchant’s next race will be this Saturday at his NASCAR Home Track of Southern National Motorsports Park in his second 75 lap Limited Late Model Race. Marchant would like to remind his long distance fans that cannot attend the race to please donate to his Racing 2 Cure efforts. The link to donate is: http://www.racing2cure.org/drivers/GarrettMarchant.

For more information on Garrett Marchant Racing please visit www.garretmarchant.com, Facebook: facebook.com/garrettmarchantracing, PR Twitter: @GMR77PR, Garrett's personal Twitter: @OfficialGarrett, and YouTube: youtube.com/user/GarrettMarchantRacin.

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