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Robert Tighe III: WIDE OPEN 24/7

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Robert Tighe III

Robert Tighe III: WIDE OPEN 24/7

Bradley Carpenter
January 23, 2012

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Robert Tighe IIIThis week's ISCARS WIDE OPEN driver, Robert Tighe III. (Credit to Robert Tighe Racing)
ISCARS PR- Bradley Carpenter
Updated: Monday, January 23, 2012
Daytona Beach, FL -

The engines have not been silent during the off season for this week’s WIDE OPEN driver. Robert Tighe III has been wheeling the #83 Voodoo Ride Honda Accord for the past three seasons in the ISCARS Dash Touring Seasons and 2012 is looking to be his best season yet.

2011 was a year of testing, tuning, and preparing for this season as Robert and his team ran a limited schedule including the preseason shakedown at Dillon Motor Speedway, the season opener at Ace Speedway, and the rain make up at Dillon. Some of the research and development that the team learned last season included pushing the limits of the turbo in their cars. Turbo by Garrett has been a great partner for the Tighe racing organization and they are happy to have them back on board for 2012.

In addition to running with ISCARS in 2011, the Tighe organization took to the track in a couple different areas of racing. One of those included drag racing, where the team was able to see how much horsepower they could get out of their Honda Accord Turbo by Garrett engine. “In drag racing our engines were pushed to the limits” Tighe III said about the testing the team did.

Furthermore, the Tighe Racing organization has been having some fun with their newest toy. The organization installed a new dyno at their race shop which has been able to give the team more data to learn how to tune their engines. During the 2012 season Golden Eagle Manufacturing will come on board to build all the engines that the organization will run. The team is also switching to the Honda K Series engines this season.

While the holidays came and went for Robert Tighe III he did get some time away from the race shop, but was still around racing. Tighe III and his father traveled to Florida for the Performance Racing Industry conference held in Orlando annually. At the conference Tighe networked with other professionals in the auto racing industry to prepare for the upcoming season.

When asked to give us a quote to explain his feeling about 2012, Tighe used one from his sponsor. The marketing director of Turbo by Garrett said “this season will be very exciting” and Tighe aggress to the fullest extent to that statement. Robert Tighe III will again be part of a two car team, with teammate Mike Guerity running the second car and next week’s WIDE OPEN driver. This year the two will be looking to hoist the ISCARS Dash Touring Championship trophy at seasons end… let the racing begin.

For all of the most up to the date information on America’s Premiere Stock Car Turner Series make sure to visit www.iscarsonline.com as well as the Official ISCARS Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ISCARS and Twitter: www.twitter.com/ISCARSLive.

ISCARS DASH Touring is sanctioned by the American Speed Association (ASA). To learn more about the Daytona Beach, Florida-based Racing Speed Associates or the American Speed Association® including the ASA Member Track program, call (386) 258-2221 or send an e-mail to info@asa-racing.com. For news and information from racetracks and regional tours involved in the American Speed Association®, visit www.asaracing.com.

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