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Brazilian barn find - 23 Volkswagen SP2s

Topics:  Volkswagen

Brazilian barn find - 23 Volkswagen SP2s

Matt Hubbard
December 2, 2012

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In the 1970s Brazil refused to allow imported cars into the country. The only sportscar made in Brazil was the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. The Karmann Ghia was getting long in the tooth so VW of Brazil, acting autonomously, constructed a sportscar. The car was based on the chassis of the Brazilian VW Variant, which in itself was based on the Karmann Ghia Type 3.

In the first instance the scheme was called Project X. This evolved into the VW SP2 which was powered by a 1.7 litre, 75bhp evolution of the original Beetle air-cooled engine.

The SP2 was made from 1972 until 1976. 10,205 cars were made and only 670 were exported - only 1 found it's way to Europe and just 2 into the United States. The SP2 is now a collectors item, quite valuable, and quite rare - there aren't many on the market.

Until now that is. A Brazilian man is selling his barn full of SP2s - along with a few other interesting 1970s cars. The total list of cars for sale is:

  • 16 x complete VW SP2s - £3,000
  • 7 x complete but disassembled SP2s - £3,000
  • 1972 VW Kombi bus with 6 doors - £4,400
  • 1974 Karmann Ghia TC - £3,500
  • A VW Avallone - £6000
  • Lancia Bi-turbo - £3,500
  • Fiat 128 - £3,000
  • Korean 'Towner' - £1,500

  • Of course on top of the cost to buy you'll have to pay shipping and taxes. The seller has invited anyone who's interested to contact him via his website and visit the barn.

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