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Congressman Boehner Highlights Obama Energy Gap Between the Presidents Words & Actions on Addressing Soaring Gas Prices

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Congressman Boehner Highlights Obama Energy Gap Between the Presidents Words & Actions on Addressing Soaring Gas Prices

Congressman John Boehner
March 26, 2012

At his weekly press conference today, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) highlighted the Obama Energy Gap the glaring discrepancy between the president’s rhetorical support for Republicans all-of-the-above energy policy, and his failed energy record that has driven up gas prices and cost American jobs. As President Obama visits Cushing, Oklahoma today in a desperate attempt to claim credit for expediting the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, Congressman Boehner noted that President Obama has rejected and personally lobbied against the pipeline, and that theres only one permit requiring his approval the one he is currently blocking to facilitate the flow of Canadian and American energy to U.S. refineries. Following are video and text of Congressman Boehners remarks:

You know gas prices are rising and Americans are frustrated with the gap between the president’s words and his actions. The president now says he supports the Republican all of the above energy strategy for our country. But for three years his administration has made every effort to block, delay, and restrict new energy production in our country.

He claims that he wants to address rising gas prices, but his policies are actually making matters worse for families and small businesses. And the only recent action the president’s taken on energy involved lobbying senators personally and successfully to prevent construction of the Keystone pipeline.

Yet today hes out in Oklahoma trying to take credit for a part of the pipeline that doesnt even require his approval. Now, this is what Im calling the Obama Energy Gap. Up here in Canada, and in North Dakota, weve got all this oil. And the president’s down here in Oklahoma taking credit for a part of the pipeline thats going to go through the normal process. Its already gotten its approvals. And this idea that the president is going to expedite this will have no impact on the construction of this pipeline.

Now, let me explain something. Its not just oil thats up in Canada. Right now, this year, North Dakota will become the second largest oil-producing state in our country. There are three, one-hundred tank trains every day that come out of North Dakota and have to go all the way to the Gulf because of the lack of this pipeline. And so its Canadian oil, its North Dakota oil, that needs to get down to our refineries in the Gulf.

So the president can take credit for having nothing to do with the bottom half of this pipeline, and the fact is is theres only one permit that requires his approval because it crosses our national boundaries and thats the Keystone decision on the upper half of this.

Remember we have 165,000 miles of pipeline in our country that operate successfully every day. The Congress earlier this year passed a pipeline safety bill to increase the safety standards on this 165,000 miles of pipeline. The president should listen to the American people and allow the Keystone pipeline to go forward.

Theres a big gap between what the president promises and what he talks about, and the actions that hes taking. And I think honest, hard-working taxpayers deserve actions that match the words.


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