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Democrats’ Energy Bill Will Increase Price at Pump

American Government

Democrats’ Energy Bill Will Increase Price at Pump

Congressman John Boehner
May 23, 2007

WASHINGTON, D.C. Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following statement on the Democrats’ so-called Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act (H.R. 1252):

Illegal actions that artificially increase the price at the pump for American consumers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Thats a common sense principle shared by Members of Congress and Americans alike, and something Republicans have and will continue to advocate. This bill is all bark and no bite, and will do nothing to lower gas prices for consumers.

Skyrocketing gasoline and home-energy prices hit the family budget like unforeseen tax increases, so the frustrations felt by American consumers today are both understandable and justified. No American likes paying high prices at the pump, but they dont like being pacified or misled either, which is exactly what this bill attempts to do.

Instead of advancing common sense, comprehensive energy solutions that increase American supplies of all forms of energy, this bill points fingers at a political boogeyman and imposes anti-free market price controls that will depress investment here at home, keep supplies tight, and send prices through the roof. As such, this bill could make the pain felt by consumers at the pump considerably worse.

Americans understand that a balanced policy requires both an increase in American energy supplies to meet the needs of today and a sound financial commitment to drive the innovative research on fuels for the future. This is the only way to get the job done without causing harm to our economy, and exactly the kind of solution for which Republicans will continue to fight.

NOTE: Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigations as recent as the Spring of 2006 when the nation suffered supply shocks after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita found no evidence of gouging, just free-market supply and demand principles at work.

Boehner represents Ohios 8th District, which includes all of Darke, Miami and Preble counties, most of Butler and Mercer counties, and the northeastern corner of Montgomery County. He was first elected to Congress in 1990.


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