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Out-of-Touch: Energy Secretary Lauds Obama Administrations Performance While Gas Prices Continue Climbing

American Government Topics:  Secretary Steven Chu, President Barack Obama

Out-of-Touch: Energy Secretary Lauds Obama Administrations Performance While Gas Prices Continue Climbing

Congressman John Boehner
March 26, 2012

Americans are giving the Obama administration an F for its failed energy policies that are driving up gas prices, but Energy Secretary Steven Chu has much higher praise for the administrations performance just ask him.  At a House Oversight & Government Reform Committee hearing today, Secretary Chu gave the Obama administration a little higher than an A- when it came to addressing the pain at the pump.  Heres the video, courtesy of the committee:

Secretary Chus comments come on the same day that the Energy Information Administration reported another increasein the price of gas the latest in a tidal wave of bad news buffeting the White House as Republicans continue the coordinated effort to hold the administration accountable for its failed energy policies. 

At another recent hearing, Secretary Chu testified that lowering gas prices is not an overall goal for the Obama administration.  Clearly not.  Whether its audacity, denial, or another desperate effort to defend the Obama administration for consistently blocking more American energy, Secretary Chu has proven once again that the administration is not listening to American families and small businesses that are being pinched by skyrocketing gas prices. 

Republicans, on the other hand, have been fighting to address gas prices with the American Energy Initiative.  As part of that effort, House Republicans have passed several bills that would roll back barriers to American energy production to help bring down prices and create jobs.  Senate Democrats have stalled all of these bipartisan bills, and nearly 30 others passed as part of the Republican Plan for Americas Job Creators.  Learn more about the American Energy Initiative on Facebook, and follow the progress of all of the jobs and energy bills stalled in the Democratic-controlled Senate at jobs.gop.gov.

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