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All of the Above Congressman Boehner Tells Fox News POTUS Rhetoric Doesnt Match His Actions on Gas Prices

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All of the Above Congressman Boehner Tells Fox News POTUS Rhetoric Doesnt Match His Actions on Gas Prices

Congressman John Boehner
March 9, 2012

[T]he president says hes for an all-of-the-above energy strategy, Congressman John Boehner told Fox News Greta Van Susteren, But his rhetoric does not match his actions. Boehner outlined several ways the Obama administration which rejected the popular Keystone XL project and is now lobbying against it  has blocked energy production as gas prices have skyrocketed. Boehner also said Senate Democrats are blocking nearly 30 House-passed bills that will help create new jobs and address high gas prices, and that today the House will pass the bipartisan JOBS Act. Watch here and see below for several excerpts:

Boehner: Obama Administration is Blocking Energy Production as Gas Prices Skyrocket:

Listen, the president’s policies have not only not helped the economy, theyve made it worse.  When it comes to gas prices, the president says hes for an all-of-the-above energy strategy but his rhetoric does not match his actions.  And the facts are that theyve closed down most of the gulf.  Theyve closed down all the public lands in the inner mountain west.  [I]f you look at what the EPA is doing, they are shutting down a lot of American made energy

Boehner: An All of the Above Strategy that Removes Government Barriers to Energy Production Will Address High Gas Prices, Create Jobs:

[I]f were going to bring gas prices down, we need to have all-of-the-above. That means, we need more oil and gas production, we need renewables, we need nuclear energy.  And until we do all-of-the-above we are going to be subject to these big fluctuations.  The president’s energy policies have led to a more than doubling of gas prices over the three years of his presidency.  Its time for the president to take real action and work with Congress in a bipartisan way to deal with this problem.

Boehner: High Energy & Gas Prices Hurt Job Growth:

Its not just the price of gas; its the price of energy across the board.  Whether youre at a surface company, a manufacturing company, everybody plays more.  And if youre spending that much more on energy, youre not buying the kinds of other goods and services that are available in our economy and it will in fact slow our economy down.

Boehner: House Has Passed Nearly 30 Bills to Help Create Jobs & Address Gas Prices, Will Pass Bipartisan JOBS Act Today:

Republicans have a Plan for Americas Job Creators.  Weve had it since last May.  This plan, 30 bills, that weve passed and sent them over to the United States Senate.  If the president wants to get the economy moving again, what he ought to be doing is calling Harry Reid and saying, Hey, these are some really good bills.  Tomorrow were going to pass the JOBS Act.  The president has said nice things about it.  It would help small companies have better access to capital, help them grow.  And if the president, again, is serious about helping the economy, he ought to pick up the phone, call Harry Reid and say, Hey Harry, its time to get moving on some of these.

Boehner: America Cant Afford Four More Years of Obama Administration Policies:

I think this is an incredibly important year for our country and I would hope our candidates continue to focus on the real issue here and thats the president’s policies.  Theyve not helped.  Theyve made our economy worse.  Theyve made it harder for job creators to create jobs.  And because the president doesnt want to talk about his economic policies, hes turned to the politics of envy and divide.  I dont think America can sustain four more years of the policies that are coming out of this Administration.

Boehner: ObamaCare Mandate Threatens Religious Freedom:

This has nothing to do with contraception. For 220 years our government, here in Washington, has respected the rights of religious organizations to their own beliefs. Theres always been a conscious exception of religious organizations so that government isnt in the position of coercing them to do things that they dont believe in [R]emember how we got there, this is Obamacare.  This is just another example of the federal government going to tell everyone in American that, Youre going to do it our way. Remember when the president said, If you like the health insurance policy that you have, then you can keep it. Not anymore. Because this policy will require everyone in America to have at least one, and this is the first step, one exception based on what the government in Washington wants.

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