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Fox News Highlights Obama Administrations Hypocrisy on Energy Production, Gas Prices

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Fox News Highlights Obama Administrations Hypocrisy on Energy Production, Gas Prices

Congressman John Boehner
March 7, 2012

The Energy Department has increased the projected price for a gallon of gas this summer to nearly $4, which could stall the creation of jobs — more bad news for struggling families and small businesses.

The news has President Obama on defense against a coordinated Republican effort to hold his policies accountable for rising gas prices. While the president told reporters yesterday he would like to see lower prices at the pump from a political perspective, at least his administrations record of hurting energy production that would address prices and create jobs, and promoting tax hikes that drive prices up, has made things worse. Fox News Jim Angle highlights the hypocrisy in this must-watch segment:

Americans named high gas prices and our struggling economy as their top issues in state after state this week. But as Fox News noted, the president’s energy secretary said in 2008 we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe  which at the time was $8 – $10 per gallon. The administration has also sought to impose a national energy tax under which the president admitted energy rates would necessarily skyrocket  another bad move for jobs.

And while President Obama repeated his support for an all of the above energy policy long-championed by Republicans, Congressman John Boehner said in a letter to the president that using the words doesnt make your energy policy all-of-the-above. Fox News explains that the administrations policies have caused energy production on federal lands to plummet  not exactly all of the above.

Congressman Boehner has challenged President Obama to build on the bipartisan momentum created by the JOBS Act and urge Senate Democrats to act on the House-passed energy bills so we can address rising gas prices and help get our economy back to creating jobs. Learn more about these bills on jobs.GOP.gov and Like theAmerican Energy Initiative on Facebook today.

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