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Volkswagen's Diesels To Visit AltWheels Festival

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Volkswagen's Diesels To Visit AltWheels Festival

Anthony Fontanelle
September 28, 2007

Automakers like Toyota and Honda are focusing on the development of gas-electric hybrid vehicle as their response to the increasing call for cleaner cars. American automakers like Ford and General Motors also manufacture hybrid vehicles. But in Europe, automakers are focusing on the development of new generation diesel engines which are made to be as clean as gasoline engines. One of the automakers paving the way for the development of diesel vehicles is Volkswagen.

The biggest European automaker Volkswagen is making huge strides in the development and manufacturing of clean diesel engines. The diesel-powered Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion was found out to be the greenest vehicle in the United Kingdom. Volkswagen's Audi is also making huge steps forward especially in the promotion of diesel engines with its two straight victories at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans with a diesel powered race car. In the United States, Volkswagen has embarked on a Dieselution Tour in an aim to educate the general public on the benefits of clean diesel engines to the environment.

The Dieselution Tour will be making a stop at the AltWheels Alternative Transportation and Energy Festival on September 28 to 29 in Boston, Massachusetts. The AltWheels festival will be the Dieselution's first public stop. The people behind the Tour will be using interactive displays and exhibits to point out the growing concern for the protection of the environment. The exhibits will also feature how the automaker designed their advanced diesel engines and all its parts like the Volkswagen glow plug Duraterm, and other for-diesel engine components.

The Dieselution Tour will be going across the United States and making stops at events and displaying the company's diesel technology. They will spend four months on the road and the biggest event that they will be making a stop in is during the 2008 Super Bowl. The Dieselution Tour will also be making stops at auto shows across the country.

"Volkswagen of America considers the Dieselution Tour an important informational resource for everyone concerned about the environment and improved fuel economy standards," said Keith Price, Public Relations Manager for Product and Technology at Volkswagen of America. He further said that this tour is aimed to change the perception of many American consumers whose view of a diesel engine is that of diesel engines in the 80s which produces a lot of soot and noise. "We want to show Americans that today's clean diesel technology is a quantum leap from the powerplants introduced nearly 30 years ago. This tour aims to change any outdated perceptions about diesel technology," said Price.

In the end, this tour is about bringing consumers to Volkswagen dealership. With gasoline priced higher than diesel, consumers need just a bit more persuasion to give diesels a chance. And that persuasion is what the Dieselution Tour brings to the table. "As the diesel car sales leader in the United States, we have worked hard to make our diesels cleaner, quieter and more fuel efficient," said Price. "Once consumers realize that a clean diesel alternative can improve their fuel economy by nearly 35 percent over comparable gasoline engines, we're confident that many drivers will visit their local Volkswagen dealerships."

Source:  Amazines.com

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