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Ambulance Sales Saving Priceless Lives for Cheap

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Ambulance Sales Saving Priceless Lives for Cheap

Paul Wise
July 5, 2010

Paul Wise

Ambulance sales are not what most shoppers look forward to when out hunting for a bargain, but these vehicles are, after all, one of the most expensive of capital expenditures for any healthcare or emergency rescue facility, and you should be a particularly educated consumer when looking for one to purchase, as ambulance sales often offer an assortment of vehicles and it helps to first have a clear and very detailed idea of what one will actually be doing.

So a good way to look at ambulance sales would be to first do your homework, which is just the case with any other purchases made in life. First determine all the details of the job: will the environment be an urban one or a rural one? Urban usage does not imply the kind of wear-and-tear more commonly seen under rural conditions. What about structural integrity? More robust models just weigh more, causing increased fuel consumption, wear-and-tear, and increased operating expenses in general. And speaking of fuel, would any "green" technologies be important? There are many angles to ponder when shopping for an ambulance.

One typically overlooked issue is that of built-in safety factors: how is equipment secured in the patient compartment? Where can personnel be located? Vehicle occupant safety is now an increasingly important selling point despite the increased costs associated with it. Another important issue that receives fairly little notice concerns the availability of spare parts. Luckily, governmental regulations exist that address the topic, also covering those vehicles made overseas. A closely related matter is that of vehicle life expectancy. And how long the ambulance is used makes up but one part of the whole picture; there is a thriving aftermarket for used ambulances that should be taken into one's calculations.

But the most important consideration of all is - yes, it's true - price. Price determines everything, and so this article closes by leaving bottom-line considerations at the bottom, saving them for last even though it's often the first thing considered by buyers. How much is spent is guaranteed to have an impact on the features that come with your ambulance, even though some claim to pay for themselves in time, such as the situation between a diesel engine and one running on gasoline. And as previously noted, a structurally sound and technologically green vehicle will simply cost more, period. So when searching for ambulance sales, be aware that more than just simple numbers are involved.

Written by Paul Wise, who has worked extensively with Ambulance services and recommends http://www.ambunet.com/ for reliable New and Used Ambulances at great prices.

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