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Belgian Grand Prix

Open Wheel Racing

Belgian Grand Prix

A Formula 1 race.

Past Winners

1950Juan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo
17 June 1951Nino FarinaAlfa Romeo
22 June 1952Alberto AscariFerrari
21 June 1953Alberto AscariFerrari
20 June 1954Juan Manuel FangioMaserati
5 June 1955Juan Manuel FangioMercedes
3 June 1956Peter CollinsFerrari
15 June 1958Tony BrooksVanwall

1950 Results

Fastest lap:  4:34.100 by Nino Farina

12Juan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo10352:47:268
23Luigi FagioliAlfa Romeo1235+0:146
38Louis RosierTalbot-Lago-Talbot1435+2:194
41Nino FarinaAlfa Romeo835+4:054
57Alberto AscariFerrari434+1 Lap2
64Luigi VilloresiFerrari233+2 Laps
710Pierre LeveghTalbot-Lago-Talbot2233+2 Laps
814Johnny ClaesTalbot-Lago-Talbot2432+3 Laps
912Geoff CrossleyAlta2630+5 Laps
1011Toni BrancaMaserati3029+6 Laps
1113Eugene ChaboudTalbot-Lago-Talbot2022Oil pipe
125Raymond SommerTalbot-Lago-Talbot620Oil pressure
136Philippe EtancelinTalbot-Lago-Talbot1615Overheating
149Yves Giraud CabantousTalbot-Lago-Talbot182Oil pipe

Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 11 Front Cover The Tortoise and the Hare
Teenage Hotrodders #11, February 1965
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Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 11 The Tortoise and the Hare
Teenage Hotrodders #11, February 1965
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Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 11 The Tortoise and the Hare
Teenage Hotrodders #11, February 1965
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Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 11 The Tortoise and the Hare
Teenage Hotrodders #11, February 1965
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Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 11 The Tortoise and the Hare
Teenage Hotrodders #11, February 1965
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Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 11 The Tortoise and the Hare
Teenage Hotrodders #11, February 1965
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Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 11 The Tortoise and the Hare
Teenage Hotrodders #11, February 1965
View Teenage Hotrodders: Issue 11 - 417KB

1951 Results

June 17, 1951
Fastest lap:  4:22.100 by Juan Manuel Fangio

12Nino FarinaAlfa Romeo4362:45:66.28
24Alberto AscariFerrari836+2:51.06
33Luigi VilloresiFerrari1036+4:21.94
47Louis RosierTalbot-Lago-Talbot1434+2 Laps3
58Yves Giraud CabantousTalbot-Lago-Talbot2234+2 Laps
612Andre PiletteTalbot-Lago-Talbot2433+3 Laps2
711Johnny ClaesTalbot-Lago-Talbot1633+3 Laps
813Pierre LeveghTalbot-Lago-Talbot2632+4 Laps
91Juan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo232+4 Laps1
108Louis ChironTalbot-Lago-Talbot1828Engine
116Consalvo SanesiAlfa Romeo611Radiator
125Piero TaruffiFerrari128Transmission
1310Philippe EtancelinTalbot-Lago-Talbot200Transmission

1952 Results

June 22, 1952
Fastest lap:  4:55.000 by Alberto Ascari

11Alberto AscariFerrari4363:03:46.39
22Nino FarinaFerrari236+1:55.26
34Robert ManzonGordini1436+4:28.44
46Mike HawthorneCooper-Bristol835+1 Lap3
58Paul FrereHWM-Alta2834+2 Laps2
69Alan BrownCooper-Bristol1034+2 Laps
713Charles de TornacoFerrari3433+3 Laps
819Johnny ClaesGordini1833+3 Laps
912Eric BrandonCooper-Bristol1233+3 Laps
1018Prince BiraSimca-Gordini-Gordini2032+4 Laps
1114Lance MacklinHWM-Alta2432+4 Laps
1220Roger LaurentHWM-Alta3032+4 Laps
1322Robert O'BrienSimca-Gordini-Gordini4430+6 Laps
1416Tony GazeHWM-Alta4230+6 Laps
1515Robin Montgomerie-CharringtonAston-Butterworth4017Engine
163Piero TaruffiFerrari613Accident
175Jean BehraGordini1613Accident
187Ken WhartonFrazer-Nash-Bristol3610Spun off
1917Louis RosierFerrari226Transmission
2011Peter CollinsHWM-Alta263Halfshaft
2110Stirling MossERA-Bristol320Engine

1953 Results

June 21, 1953
Fastest lap:  4:34.0 by Jose Froilan Gonzalez

12Alberto AscariFerrari10362:48:30.38
25Luigi VilloresiFerrari836+2:48.26
316Onofre MarimonMaserati2835+1 Lap4
49Tuolo de GraffenriedMaserati3035+1 Lap3
58Maurice TrintignantGordini1835+1 Lap2
67Mike HawthornFerrari1435+1 Lap
712Harry SchellGordini2033+3 Laps
813Louis RosierFerrari3233+3 Laps
915Fred WackerGordini3832+4 Laps
1011Paul FrereHWM-Alta2430+6 Laps
1118Andre PiletteConnaught-Francis4029+7 Laps
1210Johnny ClaesMaserati635Accident
1317Lance MacklinHWM-Alta2219Engine
144Nino FarinaFerrari1216Engine
151Juan Manuel FangioMaserati413Engine
163Jose Froilan GonzalezMaserati211Throttle1
1714Jean BehraGordini169Engine
1816Peter CollinsHWM-Alta264Clutch
1920Georges BergerSimca-Gordini-Gordini343Engine
2019Arthur LegatVeritas360Transmission

1954 Results

June 20, 1954
Fastest lap:  4'25.500 by Juan Manuel Fangio

11Juan Manuel FangioMaserati26362:44:42.49
26Maurice TrintignantFerrari836+0:24.26
39Stirling MossMaserati2235+1 Lap4
45Mike Hawthorn (SHR)Ferrari1035+1 Lap1.5
58Andre PiletteGordini1835+1 Lap2
613Prince BiraMaserati2035+1 Lap
711Sergio MantovaniMaserati3034+2 Laps
83Nino FarinaFerrari414Ignition
910Paul FrereGordini1614Engine
107Jean BehraGordini1212Suspension
114Onofre MarimonMaserati283Engine
122Jose Froilan GonzalezFerrari61Engine
1314Jacques SwatersFerrari21Engine
1412Roberto MieresMaserati240Fire

1955 Results

June 5, 1955
Fastest lap:  4'20.600 by Juan Manuel Fangio

12Juan Manuel FangioMercedes10362:39:29.09
23Stirling MossMercedes1436+8.16
34Nino FarinaFerrari236+1:40.54
48Paul FrereFerrari636+3:25.53
5 (SHR)13Roberto MieresMaserati2435+1 Lap1
610Maurice TrintignantFerrari435+1 Lap
77Luigi MussoMaserati2234+2 Laps
811Cesare PerdisaMaserati2633+3 Laps
912Maserati2833+3 Laps
106Karl KlingMercedes1221Oil leak
111Eugenio CastellottiLancia3016Gearbox
129Mike HawthornVanwall408Gearbox
135Jean BehraMaserati203Spun off

1956 Results

June 3, 1956
Fastest lap:  4:14.700 by Stirling Moss

13Peter CollinsFerrari8362:40:00.38
28Paul FrereFerrari636+1:51.36
3 (SHR)9Cesare PerdisaMaserati3436+3:16.62
46Harry SchellVanwall1035+1 Lap3
511Luigi VilloresiMaserati2234+2 Laps2
616Andre PiletteFerrari2033+3 Laps
74Jean BehraMaserati3233+3 Laps
810Louis RosierMaserati2433+3 Laps
9 (RET)1Juan Manuel FangioFerrari223Transmission
10 (RET)7Maurice TrintignantVanwall1211Fuel system
11 (RET)2Stirling MossMaserati3010Wheel3
12 (RET)5Eugenio CastellottiFerrari410Transmission
13 (RET)12Piero ScottiConnaught-Alta2810Engine
14 (RET)15Horace GouldMaserati262Gearbox
15 (RET)13Paco GodiaMaserati360Accident

1958 Results

June 15, 1958
Fastest lap:  3:58.300 by Mike Hawthorn

15Tony BrooksVanwall4241:37:06.38
21Mike HawthornFerrari1624+0:20.76
311Stuart Lewis-EvansVanwall624+3:00.94
412Cliff Allison-Climax4024+1:15.53
57Harry SchellBRM1023+1 Lap2
66Olivier GendebienFerrari2023+1 Lap
716Maurice TrintignantMaserati2823+1 Lap
813Roy SalvadoriCooper-Climax2423+1 Lap
914Jo BonnierMaserati3622+2 Laps
1019Maria Teresa de FilippisMaserati2622+2 Laps
11 (RET)18Paco GodiaMaserati3822Engine
12 (RET)8Jack BrabhamCooper-Climax2216Overheating
13 (RET)15Graham Hill-Climax4212Engine
14 (RET)2Luigi MussoFerrari185Accident
15 (RET)4Peter CollinsFerrari145Overheating
16 (RET)10Jean BehraBRM85Oil pressure
17 (RET)17Wolfgang SeidelMaserati324Halfshaft
18 (RET)9Stirling MossVanwall20Engine
19 (RET)3Masten GregoryMaserati300Engine

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The Flying Lap, Episode 33: Belgian GP Preview; McLaren, Daniel Ricciardo & @virtualstatman
August 23, 2011
Duration: 1:20:00
With back-to-back wins for Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in Germany and Hungary, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes went into the August break on a high. Can the two British stars continue the momentum as the F1 world re-ignites at the Belgian GP at Spa? McLaren Racing's MD, Jonathan Neale, joins us live from the McLaren Technology Centre, in Woking, England, to talk us through the team's preparation for Spa and their chances of winning still more races in this 19-round championship. And, two days after his brace of podium finishes at Silverstone WSR - and only four before he returns to F1 to race for HRT at Spa - F1's most talked-about star of the future, Daniel Ricciardo, joins us live to talk about his meteoric career, his hopes and his goals. F1's favourite stats man, Sean Kelly, also returns to The Flying Lap to look ahead at the Belgian GP. Any questions about this great circuit and equally famous race? Sean will be with us to share his unique blend of knowledge and raw passion.

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 33 at The Internet Archive
The Flying Lap, Episode 34: Belgian GP Debrief with Adrian Sutil
September 2, 2011
Duration: 1:03:12
A classic Belgian GP resulted in yet another one-two finish for Red Bull Racing - the team's tenth. This, though, was a race with a difference. A small window of dry-weather running on Saturday placed a premium on Pirelli tyre management on Sunday; there were eight lead changes in the first 18 laps. Vodafone McLaren Mercedes' Jenson Button carved his way through the field from 13th to the podium; Michael Schumacher, celebrating the 20th anniversary in F1, became the sixth successive driver to score points after being eliminated in Q1; and Force India's Adrian Sutil was in the points again, this time climbing from 15th to an excellent seventh. Live from Switzerland, Adrian joins us to talk about this amazing race - the usual first-corner dramatics, the tyre situation, his battles with Schumacher and Lotus Renault's Vitaly Petrov - and about his love for this most historic of F1 venues.

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 34 at The Internet Archive
The Flying Lap, Episode 81: Belgian GP Preview
August 30, 2012
Duration: 1:04:05
After a much-needed summer break, the F1 season bursts into life this weekend at one of the greatest races of them all - the Belgian GP at Spa. Our resident Technical Expert, Craig Scarborough, will be joining us live in the London studio to examine all the latest updates we can expect to see on the cars at this fast and demanding circuit - and joining us live on line will be Sahara Force India's Third Driver, the very talented Jules Bianchi. Fresh from a sensational World Series by Renault win at Silverstone last Sunday, Jules will be bringing us up to date with all aspects of his diverse 2012 season. WilliamsF1's Strategy Engineer, Mark Barnett, completes our Belgian GP preview line-up - aside, that is, from our usual overload of live questions, comments and original ideas from F1 fans around the world.

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 81 at The Internet Archive
The Flying Lap, Episode 82: Belgian GP Debrief; Italian GP Preview
September 4, 2012
Duration: 1:07:17
There's lots to talk about in Episode 82 of The Flying Lap as we look back at a sensational Shell Belgian GP and ahead to another of the great races - to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza this weekend. To take your questions live - and to delve further into the heart of the World Championship as it is poised, pre-Monza - we welcome back to The Flying Lap the Director of Motorsport for Pirelli, Paul Hembery. As Pirelli prepares for it's all-important home race, Paul joins us live from the company headquarters (in Milan, Italy) - and fresh from McLaren's superb one-stop win at Spa. Our resident driver coach, Rob Wilson, will also be on-line from the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in England, and will no doubt have plenty to say about that first corner accident at Spa, and we'll have all our usual race preview features, including the HiltonHonors guide to Monza with Spa winner, Jenson Button, and a look at the strategic side of the Italian GP with WilliamsF1's Mark Barnett.

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 82 at The Internet Archive

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