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John Birchard

John Birchard

Former auto industry correspondent for the Voice of America.

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Article Index

Article Index

DateOriginal PublisherArticleAuthor
13 January 2001Toyota Prius Delights OwnerJohn Birchard
28 July 2001DaimlerChrysler: Hoping New SUV Sales Will SoarJohn Birchard
30 July 2001New Buick Model to Boost Sales Change ImageJohn Birchard
6 August 2001Honda's Hybrid Car Targets High Gas PricesJohn Birchard
1 October 2001Troubles Continue for US Auto IndustryJohn Birchard
9 October 2001US Auto Sales Fall Less Than ExpectedJohn Birchard
15 October 2001A Mercedes for the MassesJohn Birchard
16 October 2001US Automakers Offer Incentives to Generate BusinessJohn Birchard
24 September 2001Automakers React to Terrorist AttacksJohn Birchard
5 November 2001US: October Auto Sales IncreaseJohn Birchard
10 December 2001Some Auto Industry Experts Worried About 'Pull-Ahead Effect'John Birchard
7 January 2002US Auto Industry Sets Near Record in SalesJohn Birchard
13 January 2002Cadillac's Future at a CrossroadsJohn Birchard
3 February 2002Still More SUVs in US John Birchard, VOA News
20 April 2002Washington to Host Auto Grand PrixJohn Birchard
28 May 2002With Globalization, Finding A Car's 'Nationality' is No Easy TaskJohn Birchard
8 July 2002Honda Presents New Hybrid CarJohn Birchard
14 July 2002Washington DC to Host Grand Prix Auto RacingJohn Birchard
20 July 2002Action Begins at Cadillac Grand Prix of WashingtonJohn Birchard
20 July 2002German Driver Lands Top Pole Position for Cadillac Grand PrixJohn Birchard
20 July 2002Leitzinger Wins Trans-Am Event at Washington Grand PrixJohn Birchard
21 July 2002Panoz Drivers Beat Audi Team in Washington DC Grand PrixJohn Birchard
12 August 2002US New Vehicle Sales Up for 2002 John Birchard, VOA News
21 September 2002SUVs: Popular Vehicles Have Many CriticsJohn Birchard, VOA News
22 September 2002Are Sports Utility Vehicles Safe?John Birchard
25 September 2002SUVs: Myth vs. FactJohn Birchard, VOA News
26 December 2002Nissan 2002 Sales Up, Korean Automakers Continue Increasing US Market ShareJohn Birchard
29 December 2002Ford Motor Co. VP Reflects on 2002 Business YearJohn Birchard
2 January 2003Ford Motor Company Faces Tough TimesJohn Birchard
10 February 2003Rebound Seen for Cadillac Auto BrandJohn Birchard
23 February 2003Carmakers Project Continued Stong Sales in 2003John Birchard
8 March 2003New High Tech E-Class Could Boost Mercedes-Benz US SalesJohn Birchard
30 March 2003New Hummer H-2 Hits the RoadJohn Birchard
16 April 2003Hyundai Enjoying Sharp Rise in US SalesJohn Birchard
18 April 2003Hyundai Sets Sights on Higher Sales, Better Public ImageJohn Birchard
23 April 2003General Motors Shows Off New 'Ion' Compact CarJohn Birchard
5 May 2003Silver Tops List of Most Popular US Car ColorsJohn Birchard
14 May 2003Amid Slumping Popularity, Chrysler Adds New Features to PT Cruiser CarJohn Birchard
14 May 2003Automobile's Interior Design Can 'Make or Break' a SaleJohn Birchard
16 May 2003Rebates, Low-Interest Loans Change US Car Buying HabitsJohn Birchard, VOA News
17 May 2003Vehicle Cockpit Layout Provides Comfort, Operational Safety John Birchard, VOA News
27 May 2003Saab Executives Talk of New Designs, Brighter Future John Birchard, VOA News
May 29, 2003Infiniti Launches FX45 Crossover Utility VehicleJohn Birchard
7 June 2003Analysts Project Market Growth for Hybrid CarsJohn Birchard
7 June 2003FedEx Embarks on Hybrid Project for Delivery VehiclesJohn Birchard
7 June 2003Research Firm Predicts Significant Growth of US Hybrid Vehicle SalesJohn Birchard
18 June 2003Minivans Continue to Grow in PopularityJohn Birchard
19 June 2003Chrysler Introduces the PacificaJohn Birchard
27 June 2003Toyota-Urban League Project Continues Paying Dividends a Decade After LA RiotsJohn Birchard, VOA News
28 June 2003Nissan Fields the Best Maxima to DateJohn Birchard
16 July 2003Japanese Carmakers Outrank Europeans in Reliability SurveyJohn Birchard
5 September 2003Porsche Cayenne - An Amazing SUVJohn Birchard
September 10, 2003TSX - The Newest AcuraJohn Birchard
September 13, 2003Volvo S-60 Brings Safety, Style and Performance to Car EnthusiastsJohn Birchard
22 October 2003Use of Airbag Module Recorder in Cars Raises Privacy, Legal Issues John Birchard, VOA News
23 October 2003New Book Questions Future of Detroit Auto Industry's Market DominanceJohn Birchard
19 November 2003Daimler Chrysler's Crossfire Turns a Lot of HeadsJohn Birchard
29 November 2003Buick Works Hard to Perk Up Its ImageJohn Birchard
December 13, 2003Cadillac Turning Heads Again with Boldly-Styled, Powerful, Comfortable SUVJohn Birchard
December 26, 2003Hybrid Electric is Prelude to Automobile's Future, says Former GM ChairmanJohn Birchard
17 December 2003Hybrid Cars Gain Wider Consumer AcceptanceJohn Birchard
31 January 2004Satellite Radio Increasingly Popular With US DriversJohn Birchard, VOA News
25 February 2004US Auto Industry Makes More Use of Aluminum John Birchard, VOA News
March 14, 2004Suzuki Unveils Big Plans for US MarketJohn Birchard
March 20, 2004Auto Manufacturers Await Annual Consumer Reports Car IssueJohn Birchard
April 21, 20042004 European Car Sales Decline in USJohn Birchard
April 22, 2004Chinese Auto Industry Attracts Major ManufacturersJohn Birchard
April 28, 2004Infiniti Introduces New Safety SystemJohn Birchard
17 May 2004Mitsubishi Motors Struggles Could Affect Several Companies>John Birchard
25 May 2004American Demand for Big Cars Stable Despite Increasing Gasoline PricesJohn Birchard
26 May 2004Hybrid Auto Sales On the RiseJohn Birchard
3 June 2004High Gas Prices Prompt Consumers to Take Another Look at Diesel CarsJohn Birchard
10 June 2004Saab Unveils New Subaru-Based Car John Birchard, VOA News
17 June 2004Ford Unveils Hybrid SUVJohn Birchard
20 June 2004Auto Industry Inches Slowly Toward Hydrogen-Powered VehiclesJohn Birchard
24 June 2004Ford Motor Company Shows Renewed Vigor in 2004John Birchard
28 June 2004Sweden's Saab Holds Key to Stemming Drunk Driving Fatalities John Birchard, VOA News
3 July 2004Decades-Old Tariff on Light Truck Imports Up for DebateJohn Birchard
15 July 2004Auto Manufacturers Use Incentives to Attract CustomersJohn Birchard
9 September 2004New Hyundai Plant Should Aid Alabama EconomyJohn Birchard
29 September 2004Honda Celebrates 25 Years of Manufacturing in USJohn Birchard
22 December 2004Toyota Official Sums Up 2004, Predicts Business Outlook for 2005John Birchard, VOA News
26 December 2004Toyota's Number Two US Executive Talks About Oil SupplyJohn Birchard, VOA News
23 March 2005Industry Says Aluminum Adds to Car Safety John Birchard
25 January 2006Ford Executive Talks About Automaker's Plans for FutureJohn Birchard
26 January 2007Daimler Chrysler Board Chairman Sees Diesel AlternativeJohn Birchard

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