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William Bronrott

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

American Government

William Bronrott

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Article Index

30 March 2011Highway-Rail Grade Crossing; Safe ClearanceWilliam Bronrott
Bizunesh Scott
20 May 2011Requirements for Intermodal Equipment Providers and for Motor Carriers and Drivers Operating Intermodal EquipmentWilliam Bronrott
5 July 2011Commercial Driver's License Testing and Commercial Learner's Permit Standards; CorrectionsWilliam Bronrott
8 July 2011Harmonizing Schedule I Drug RequirementsWilliam Bronrott
8 July 2011Pilot Program on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Long-Haul Trucking ProvisionsWilliam Bronrott
29 July 2011Motorcoach Safety Summit and Regional RoundtablesWilliam Bronrott
15 August 2011Regulatory Guidance: Applicability of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to Operators of Certain Farm Vehicles and Off-Road Agricultural EquipmentWilliam Bronrott
2 August 2012Self Reporting of Out-of-State ConvictionsFederal Register: FMCSA (Larry W. Minor)
6 August 2012Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation: Brakes; Adjustment LimitsFederal Register: FMCSA (William Bronrott)
18 October 2012FMCSA Policy on the Suspension of Operating Authority for Hostage Load ViolationsFederal Register: FMCSA (William A. Bronrott)
15 January 2013Qualification of Drivers; Exemption Applications; Epilepsy and Seizure DisordersFederal Register: FMCSA (William Bronrott)
25 November 2013Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation; Renewal of Exemption for Con-Way Freight, TK Holdings, Inc., and BendixFederal Register: FMCSA (William Bronrott)
22 April 2014Hours of Service of Drivers: Application for Renewal of ExemptionFederal Register: FMCSA (William Bronrott)

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