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A car company based in Detroit, Michigan.  The full company name was the Chalmers Motor Company.  Production was from 1908 to 1923.


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Chalmers Automobile page on 6 January 2016, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Chalmers Motor Car Company was a United States based automobile company located in Detroit, Michigan. It was named after Hugh Chalmers of the National Cash Register Company. The brand is owned by Chrysler.

The Chalmers was formed when Hugh Chalmers bought out the interests of ER Thomas in the Thomas-Detroit company in 1908, and renamed the company Chalmers-Detroit. The name was changed to Chalmers in 1911.

Chalmers flourished in the 1910s and then faltered in the 1920s post-World War I recession. It merged with the Maxwell Automobile Company, forerunner of Chrysler, in 1922, and ended all production in late 1923.

With a 115 in (2921 mm) wheelbase on 34 in (86 cm) wheels, Chalmers were expensive cars for the period. The 30 Touring and the 30 Roadster sold for US$1500, when the Black could be had as low as $375, the Brush Runabout for US$485, Western's Gale Model A US$500, and the high-volume Oldsmobile Runabout for US$650, while Cole 30 was US$1500, and the Oakland 40 was US$1600. The Chalmers 30 Coupe at US2400 was nearer the US$2000 Enger 40, while 40 Touring and 40 Roadster at US2750 and 40 Torpedo at US3000 were still below American's lowest-price model, at US$4250 (its highest was US$5250).

Taking part in early racing, a Chalmers won the 1910 Glidden Tour.

The company also originated the Chalmers Award in professional baseball.


Chalmers Touring Subject:  1919 Chalmers Touring (6-30-1919)
Source:  Hand Book of Automobiles, 1919 Edition
View Chalmers Touring page from Hand Book of Automobiles, 1919 Edition - 518KB
1921 Chalmers Advertisement Subject:  Dort Advertisement
Source:  The Saturday Evening Post
Date:  26 February 1921
View 1921 Chalmers Advertisement - 157KB

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