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Consumer Reports

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Consumer Reports

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A magazine published by consumer advocacy group Consumers Union since 1936.


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Consumer Reports page on 12 September 2018, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Consumer Reports is an American magazine published since 1936 by Consumers Union, a nonprofit organization dedicated to unbiased product testing, consumer-oriented research, public education, and advocacy. Consumer Reports publishes reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services based on reporting and results from its in-house testing laboratory and survey research center. The magazine accepts no advertising, pays for all the products it tests, and as a nonprofit organization has no shareholders. It also publishes general and targeted product/service buying guides.

ConsumerReports.org, the related website is largely available only to paid subscribers. ConsumerReports.org provides updates on product availability, and adds new products to previously-published test results. In addition, the online data includes coverage that is not published in the magazine; for example, vehicle reliability (frequency of repair) tables online extend over the full 10 model years reported in the Annual Questionnaires, whereas the magazine has only a six-year history of each model.

Article Index

18 January 2007Statement From National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator Nicole Nason Regarding Consumer Reports’ Withdrawal of its Infant Car Seat Test ReportNHTSA
23 February 2016Consumer Reports 2016 Annual brand Report Card Finds Subaru & Mazda Keeping Pace with Luxury BrandsConsumer Reports
23 February 2016Consumer Reports' 2016 Annual Top Picks: Kia Sorento & Lexus RX are Best SUVsConsumer Reports
23 June 2016New Research Finds Strong Support for More Fuel Efficient Vehicles, Link Between Higher Fuel Economy and Higher Owner SatisfactionConsumers Union
14 July 2016Consumer Reports Calls on Tesla to Disable and Update Auto Steering Function, Remove “Autopilot” NameConsumer Reports
28 February 2017Audi Leads Pack Of Luxury Brands in Consumer Reports 2017 Annual Brand Report CardConsumer Reports
28 February 2017Consumer Reports Names Seven New Top Picks For 2017Consumer Reports

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