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Steve Herman

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Steve Herman

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A journalist for Voice of America News.

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24 May 2002South Korean Cab Drivers StrikeSteve Herman
2 September 2002Toyota Agrees to Share Hybrid Engine Technology with Rival Nissan Steve Herman
23 April 2004DaimlerChrysler Withdraws Financial Support from Mitsubishi MotorsSteve Herman
7 May 2004Japanese Police Raid Mitsubishi Fuso HeadquartersSteve Herman
14 May 2004Toyota Posts Largest-Ever ProfitSteve Herman
4 June 2004Japanese Car Sales Continue to Stall Steve Herman
8 October 2004Former Mitsubishi Executives In Court Over Fatal CrashSteve Herman
5 November 2004Tokyo Motor Show Unveils Environment-Friendly VehiclesSteve Herman
12 November 2004Profits Soar at MazdaSteve Herman
7 January 2005Japanese Sell Record Number of Cars in United StatesSteve Herman
11 February 2005Toyota Retooling Executives to Challenge GMSteve Herman
13 May 2005Toyota Stays Mum on Possible Fuel Cell Vehicle Deal With GM Steve Herman
27 May 2005Toyota Remains Japan's Top Corporate Income EarnerSteve Herman
19 October 2005Cars of All Colors at Tokyo Show Come in Shades of Green Steve Herman
20 October 2005Foreign Automakers Revving Up for China Car Boom Steve Herman
10 January 2008World's Cheapest Car Unveiled in India Steve Herman
19 April 2010India's Automotive Ambassador Refuses to Yield the Road Steve Herman
16 May 2010India Maoists Blamed for Fatal Bus Attack Killing DozensSteve Herman, VOA News
22 October 2013Thailand Races to Supply SE Asia’s Demand for Vehicles Steve Herman, VOA News
4 February 2015If You’re Reading This in Jakarta, You’re Probably Stuck in Traffic Steve Herman, VOA News
11 October 2017Trump Touts Tax Reform, Saying Typical Household Would Get '$4,000 Pay Raise' Steve Herman, VOA News
2 November 2017Trump Blames Immigration Lottery, Calls US Justice 'A Joke' After NYC Attack Steve Herman, VOA News
26 November 2018GM Plant Closures Disappoint Trump, TrudeauSteve Herman, VOA News
7 April 2019Secret Service Drives Hard to Protect the President Steve Herman, VOA News

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