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Maddocks Systems

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Maddocks Systems

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Official Site: maddockssystems.com

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Company Profile
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A software company founded in 1981, specializing in the transportation and logistics markets. Its products include TruckMate.

Company Profile

The following section is from a 2003 press release.

Founded in 1981, Maddocks Systems Inc. (www.maddockssystems.com) provides software solutions exclusively to the transportation and logistics industry. The company's flagship product, Truckmate for Windows, is an enterprise-wide client server product designed to meet the needs of truckload, LTL, Brokerage/Logistics, Bulk, Intermodal and Private carriers. With over 400 installed systems, Maddocks is one of the leading trucking software providers in North America.

Article Index

15 February 2003Maddocks Systems to Lead California Trucking Association Technology CouncilMaddocks Systems
12 April 2003Maddocks Systems Releases TruckMate for Windows Version 6.0Maddocks Systems
28 August 2003Darrell Green Trucking Experiences "FastTrack" TruckMate Software Implementation.Maddocks Systems
24 September 2003Record Number of Trucking Fleets Attend Annual Maddocks TruckMate Users ConferenceMaddocks Systems
7 January 2004Maddocks Systems Forms Strategic Partnership With Warehouse Management Software ProviderMaddocks Systems
3 April 2004Expedited LTL Specialist CrossCountry Courier Inc. Selects Maddocks SoftwareMaddocks Systems
12 May 2004Hutt Trucking Company Inc. Selects Maddocks Software for Trucking and Brokerage ServicesMaddocks Systems

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