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Morocco Grand Prix

Open Wheel Racing

Morocco Grand Prix

A Formula 1 race.

Past Winners

19 October 1958Stirling MossVanwall1958 Race Information & Results

1958 Results

October 19, 1958
Fastest lap:  2:22.500 by Stirling Moss

12Stirling MossVanwall8532:09:15.18
21Mike HawthornFerrari653+1:24.76
35Phil HillFerrari453+1:25.54
48Jo BonnierBRM1853+1:46.73
510Harry SchellBRM1653+2:33.72
613Masten GregoryMaserati2252+1 Lap
714Roy SalvadoriCooper-Climax2851+2 Laps
811Jack FairmanCooper-Climax3050+3 Laps
918Hans HerrmannMaserati3850+3 Laps
1016Cliff AllisonLotus-Climax3449+4 Laps
1119Jack BrabhamCooper-Climax F25049+4 Laps
1217Gerino GeriniMaserati2648+5 Laps
1321Bruce McLarenCooper-Climax F22048+5 Laps
1423Robert La CazeCooper-Climax F25848+5 Laps
1525Andre GuelfiCooper-Climax F24848+5 Laps
1612Graham HillLotus-Climax3246+7 Laps
17 (RET)3Stuart Lewis-EvansVanwall1241Engine
18 (RET)24Francois PicardCooper-Climax F25431Accident
19 (RET)22Tom BridgerCooper-Climax F25630Accident
20 (RET)6Olivier GendebienFerrari229Accident
21 (RET)7Tony BrooksVanwall1029Engine
22 (RET)4Jean BehraBRM1426Engine
23 (RET)15Ron FlockhartBRM2015Engine
24 (RET)20Wolfgang SeidelMaserati2415Accident
25 (RET)9Maurice TrintignantCooper-Climax369Engine

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