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Model Products Corporation


Collectibles Manufacturer

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Manufacturer of model kits. MPC is an initialism for Model Products Corporation. It is now a brand of Round 2.


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Model Products Corporation page on 31 January 2018, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Model Products Corporation, usually known by its acronym, MPC, was an American manufacturer of plastic scale model kits and pre-assembled promotional models popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Traditionally a Michigan company, since 2011 the MPC name has been part of Round2 LLC of South Bend, Indiana. MPC's main competition was Aluminum Model Toys (AMT) and Jo-Han Models.

MPC was established in 1963 by George A. Toteff Jr. (1925-2011) and Dick Branstner with facilities in Mount Clemens, Michigan. Toteff had been one of the original employees at AMT, eventually rising to vice president in the company. There, in 1958, he had developed the first “3-in-1” model car kits based on his innovative “side-slide” injection-molding technique, which allowed the tooling of one-piece model car bodies.

MPC produced its first promotional models in 1965; the first product to appear under its own logo was a highly detailed 1/25-scale 1964 Corvette Sting Ray coupe featuring working front suspension, and including extra speed and customizing parts. Another of the company's first 'promos' was a 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 in both convertible and two-door hardtop versions.

As with other companies before it, most notably AMT and Jo-Han, MPC developed many of its kits from pre-existing promo toolings. Toteff remained on good terms with his former colleagues at AMT, and many of the first MPC products were distributed in AMT packaging. For example, the 1967 MPC Plymouth Barracuda, originally made as a dealer promotional for Chrysler, was also marketed as a kit in an AMT box. Later, for 1968 and 1969 the newly designed second-iteration Barracuda reverted to an MPC box, with no apparent AMT connection.

Original model kits quickly followed, including the 1932-33 Chevy Roadster and Panel Truck, the first 'non-classic' subjects other than a Ford to be offered in 1/25-scale kit form.

About 1970, General Mills bought MPC from Toteff, who stayed on as president. General Mills also had purchased Lionel and the MPC name and logo even appeared on early 1970s train sets next to the Lionel logo. After these two names was stated, "...of the fun group at General Mills". An example was the Silver Star train appearing about 1972, with "The Mighty Sound of Steam". In the late 1970s, General Mills created a separate identity for its toy and hobby arm, CPG Products Corporation. During this time, MPC kits were marketed as part of CPG's Fundimensions Division. General Mills's ownership lasted until 1985 when it sold off its hobby companies. General Mills then floated its remaining toy division as Kenner Parker.

In 1985, MPC was purchased by The Ertl Company, which had also acquired AMT in 1981. Ertl, in turn, became part of RC2 Corporation in 1999, and was subsequently absorbed into TOMY International, Inc. From 2008, MPC products were re-issued under license from TOMY by Round2 LLC, which ultimately acquired MPC's assets outright in 2011 (along with those of AMT and Ertl).


Type & Item #NameDetails
Model Kit - 1-0401The Grand SuperflyCustom Pontiac Grand Prix
Model Kit - 1-0641Sweat Hogs 'Dream Machine'Custom Pontiac Grand Prix
Model Kit - 1-0676T.J. Hooker1:25 scale, 1978 Dodge Monaco Police Car, Golden Opportunity Kit
Model Kit - 1-0714Dodge DaytonaGolden Opportunity Kit, 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 1-0718Dodge Shelby Charger1:25 scale, Golden Opportunity Kit
Model Kit - 1-0723Force 440 Police Pursuit Vehicle1:25 scale, Dodge Monaco Coupe Police Car
Model Kit - 1-0739Viper Vette1:20 scale C3 Chevrolet Corvette
Model Kit - 1-0743Laser Vette1:20 scale C3 Chevrolet Corvette
Model Kit - 1-0755Turbo VetteC3 Chevrolet Corvette
Model Kit - 1-0758Golden Hawk Special Edition Jeep CJGolden Wheels Bonus, 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 1-0760Night Moves El Camino1:25 scale, Golden Wheels Bonus
Model Kit - 1-0761Indy Pace Car Turbo Firebird1981, 1:25 scale, Golden Wheels Bonus
Model Kit - 1-0808Firebird1980's Firebird, 1:25 scale, Golden Opportunity Kit
Model Kit - 1-0822Sundancer '69 Firebird Convertible
Model Kit - 1-0858Evil Spirit Dodge D-50 Ram Mini-Pickup
Model Kit - 1-0881Toyota Supra1:25 scale, Celica Supra
Model Kit - 1-30711971 Corvette1:20 scale
Model Kit - 1-370825th Anniversary Corvette Special Edition1978, 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 1-3712'57 Flip Nose Vette Corvette Street Racer1:25 scale
Model Kit - 1-3714Glass Pack '60 Corvette Street Racer1:25 scale
Model Kit - 1-3715Voodoo VetteC3 Corvette, 1:25 scale, Golden Wheels Bonus
Model Kit - 1-3718Dragon VetteC3 Corvette, 1:25 scale, Golden Wheels Bonus
Model Kit - 1-3720Ghost Rider Corvette Road RacerC3 with custom body kit
Model Kit - 1-37211984 CorvetteGolden Opportunity
Model Kit - 1-3725'60 Flip Nose Corvette
Model Kit - 1-3750The Stinger Corvette1981
Model Kit - 1-3751SaberVette Custom Corvette Street Racer
Model Kit - 1-7203-250'72 Chevy 4541:25 scale,
Model Kit - 1-7222-250'72 Grand Prix1:25 scale,
Model Kit - 1-7230'72 Corvette1:20 scale
Model Kit - 1-75301975 Corvette1:20 scale "Spirit of America"
Model Kit - 1-77301977 Corvette
Model Kit - 1-78011978 Pacer X(AMC Pacer)
Model Kit - 1-78301978 Corvette
Model Kit - 303-149Chevrolet Panel Truck 19331:25 scale, A Budd Anderson Master Kit
Model Kit - 369-2001969 Chevy SS 4271:25 scale, includes turbocharged 427 engine
Model Kit - MPC-7031970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee
Model Kit - 785/12World War II Jeep
Model Kit - 868-2001968 Fleetside1:25 scale pickup truck/tow truck
Model Kit - 968-2001968 Pontiac Bonneville Hardtop1:25 scale
Model Kit - 1368-2001968 Mustang 427 GT1:25 scale
Model Kit - 1369-2001969 Mustang1:25 scale, Cobra Jet or Mach I, Jerry Harvey Drag Racer
Model Kit - 1569-2001969 Firebird Hardtop1:25 scale
Model Kit - 1768-2001968 Coronet R/T1:25 scale, 20-piece haulaway trailer included
Model Kit - 6026Dan Gurney's Olsonite Eagle#48
Model Kit - 62491971 Ford Mustang Boss 3511:25 scale, 2 in 1
Model Kit - 6261Chevrolet Beretta GT1:25 scale, 2 in 1
Model Kit - 63181967 Pontiac GTOCereal Crunchers, 1:25 scale
Model Kit - 632469 Firebird1:25 scale, 2 in 1
Model Kit - 6354Ghost Rider Corvette Road RacerC3 with custom body kit
Model Kit - 64801988 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster1:16 scale custom
Model Kit - MPC826/12Cosmic Charger1:25 scale


MPC 500 MPC 500
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MPC 500 MPC 500
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