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Mike O'Sullivan

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Mike O'Sullivan

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A journalist for Voice of America News.

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16 November 2002Car Design of J Mays Exhibit Opens in Los Angeles Mike O'Sullivan
11 October 2002Actor/Environmentalist Dennis Weaver Promotes Fuel-Efficient Cars Mike O'Sullivan
3 December 2002First US Fuel Cell Car Delivered Mike O'Sullivan
27 February 2003Pentagon Grand Challenge: $1 Million to Builder of Robotic Vehicle Mike O'Sullivan
1 May 2003Actor Crusades for Fuel Efficient Cars Mike O'Sullivan
20 May 2004Californian Drivers Feel the Pain of Higher Gas Prices Mike O'Sullivan
8 December 2004Accident Re-Enactment Warns Students Against Drinking and Driving Mike O'Sullivan
17 August 2006'Great Race' Re-creates 1908 Competition Mike O'Sullivan
30 November 2006Auto Makers Pledge Greater Fuel EfficiencyMike O'Sullivan
16 November 2007Fuel Efficiency, Gadgets Mark Los Angeles Auto Show Mike O'Sullivan
15 March 2011Infrastructure is Challenge for Electric Vehicle Owners Mike O'Sullivan, VOA News
10 December 2012Self-Driving Cars: Science Fiction Future Is NearMike O'Sullivan, VOA News
6 August 2014Historic US Route 66 Still Sparks Wanderlust Mike O'Sullivan, VOA News
11 July 2016A Grieving Dallas Blankets Police Cars in Flowers, Notes Mike O'Sullivan, VOA News
29 March 2017California, Washington Face Off Over Vehicle Fuel Standards Mike O'Sullivan, VOA News

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