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Anjana Pasricha

Anjana Pasricha

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A Voice of America journalist covering India.

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28 August 2001New Delhi Transport Operators Strike to Protest Fuel Shortage Anjana Pasricha, VOA News
16 April 2003India's Trucking Strike Drives Prices Up Anjana Pasricha, VOA News
29 May 2005India's Booming Car Market Attracts AutomakersAnjana Pasricha, VOA News
20 June 2006India, Pakistan Begin Second Kashmir Bus Service Anjana Pasricha, VOA News
9 September 2006Asian Auto Companies Plan New Investments in India as Demand Grows Anjana Pasricha, VOA News
15 January 2008Indians Respond Enthusiastically to World's Cheapest Car Anjana Pasricha, VOA News
26 March 2008Indian Company Buys Luxury Brands Jaguar, Land Rover Anjana Pasricha, VOA News
16 April 2008At Least 44 Students Killed in Bus Accident in Western India Anjana Pasricha, VOA News
22 February 2010Global Automakers Head to India to Tap into Growing Car MarketAnjana Pasricha, VOA News
21 June 2011Tata Motors Fights Indian Government on Land GrabAnjana Pasricha, VOA News
28 July 2011Ford to Invest $1 Billion in New India Car PlantAnjana Pasricha, VOA News
27 September 2011Indian Court Upholds Farmers Against Tata MotorsAnjana Pasricha, VOA News
18 October 2011In India, Formula One the Odds-On FavoriteAnjana Pasricha, VOA News
5 January 2012Indian Automakers Look to Turn Around Slowing MarketAnjana Pasricha, VOA News
30 May 2014Production of India’s Iconic Ambassador Car Halted Anjana Pasricha, VOA News
3 December 2014Latest Assault on Bus in India Questions Passivity of BystandersAnjana Pasricha, VOA News
22 September 2015India’s Business Hub Experiments with Car-Free Day Anjana Pasricha, VOA News
1 January 2016India to Try Car Rationing in Bid to Tackle Air PollutionAnjana Pasricha, VOA News
27 January 2016Delhi Begins to Confront Air Pollution Crisis Anjana Pasricha, VOA News
5 February 2016India on Track to Become World’s Third-largest Car Market Anjana Pasricha, VOA News
26 May 2016New India Buses Have Safety Features for WomenAnjana Pasricha, VOA News
24 April 2017India Bans Coveted Red Light Beacons Atop Official CarsAnjana Pasricha, VOA News

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