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George Putic

George Putic

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A journalist for Voice of America News.

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24 January 2014Washington Auto Show Highlights New Technologies George Putic, VOA News
7 March 2014Cars of the Near Future on Display in Geneva George Putic, VOA News
4 April 2014Vehicles May Soon Be Talking to Each Other George Putic, VOA News
30 May 2014Google Unveils Prototype Self-Driving Car George Putic, VOA News
27 June 2014Scientists Say Car Fumes Affect Pollinating InsectsGeorge Putic, VOA News
27 May 20153-D Printer Makes Replica of Iconic Sports Car George Putic
2 October 2015First Self-Driving Truck Debuts on European Highways George Putic, VOA News
14 January 2016Self-Driving Cars Are Just Around the Corner George Putic, VOA News
26 January 2016Carmakers Count on Customers’ Desire to Stay Connected George Putic, VOA News
22 March 2016This Internal Combustion Engine is 50% More EfficientGeorge Putic, VOA News
22 March 2016Uber Will Pay Hackers to Find Bugs in Their SoftwareGeorge Putic, VOA News
1 May 2016Self-driving Cars Will be Able to Learn From Humans George Putic, VOA News
3 May 2016Autonomous Cars May Lead to New Sex HabitsGeorge Putic, VOA News
29 June 2016Strides Made in Self-driving Cars, But Much Work Remains George Putic, VOA News
1 July 2016BMW, Intel, Mobileye Join Race for Self-driving CarsGeorge Putic, VOA News
7 July 2016How Dangerous are Self-Driving Cars? George Putic, VOA News
24 August 2016Tesla Announces Quickest Electric CarGeorge Putic, VOA News
25 August 2016Volvo Breaks Its Record for Fastest Truck on Earth George Putic, VOA News
27 September 2016Traditional Taxis Getting a Tech MakeoverGeorge Putic, VOA News

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