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Speed Racer

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Speed Racer
Television Show/Character/Movie

The name of a cartoon series named for its main character.  The series was adapted into a movie starring Emile Hirsch in the title role.

Mach 5

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Die Cast Cars
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Die Cast Cars

BrandItem #SeriesNameScalePaintNotes
M5916-09102007Speed RacerMach 5SmallWhite w/red stripes #5
M5919-09102007Speed RacerRacer XSmallYellow w/black stripes #9Street Car
M5921-09102007Speed RacerGRXSmallPurple & Gold #66
M5922-09102007Speed RacerMach 6SmallWhite w/red stripes #6
M5925-09102007Speed RacerRacer XSmallYellow w/black stripes #9Race Car
M5927-09102007Speed RacerMusha MotorsSmallDark blue w/graphics #44


In addition to the score, a CD of four versions of the end title music ("Go, Speed Racer, Go") was released. This version of the Speed Racer song was by Ali Dee and the Deekompressors.

Musical score album composed by Michael Giacchino and released in 2008 by Varèse Sarabande

I Am Speed
World's Best Autopia
Tragic Story of Rex Racer
Vroom and Board
World's Worst Road Rage
Racing's in Our Blood
True Heart of Racing
Casa Cristo
End of the First Leg
Taejo Turns Trixie
Bumper to Bumper, Rail to Rail
The Maltese Ice Cave
Go Speed, Go!
He Ain't Heavy"
32 Hours
Grand Ol' Prix
Let Us Drink Milk
Speed Racer

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8 July 2002Here Comes SpeedRacer.com!Iron Monkey Interactive

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