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Wise F&I

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Wise F&I
Financial Company

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Official Site: wisefandi.com
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An automobile finance & insurance company.

Company Profile

The following section is from a 2020 press release.

Wise F&I has a long history of success in the automotive finance and insurance space, initially specializing in Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) then expanding over the years to now include a full array of F&I products including: Appearance Care Service Contracts, Tire and Wheel Protection, Vehicle Service Contracts, Theft Deterrent Systems, Key Replacement and other ancillary products. Wise F&I branded products are marketed through independent agents to automotive dealers. Additionally, Wise F&I supports private label programs and strategic partnerships with automotive lenders and finance companies on both a national and regional basis. All products are fully compliant and underwritten by an A- rated (or better) insurance carrier.

Article Index

10 March 2016Wise F&I Launches an Automotive Tire & Wheel ProgramWise F&I
19 May 2016Wise F&I Integrates with MenuSysWise F&I
23 November 2015Wise F&I’s Rob Berger Elected President of GAPAWise F&I
25 January 2017Wise F&I Integrates with OptionSoft TechnologiesWise F&I
6 February 2017Wise F&I now Delivers Easy Access to its Products through a Reynolds and Reynolds DMSWise F&I
5 March 2017Wise F&I has Partnered with Darwin AutomotiveWise F&I
16 March 2017Wise F&I has Connected with MaximTrakWise F&I
30 April 2017Wise F&I Now Offers a Vehicle Service Contract for Pre-Owned VehiclesWise F&I
1 June 2017Wise F&I Launches Vehicle Diminished Value ProtectionWise F&I
26 September 2017Wise F&I Vehicle Service Contract Coverage ExtendedWise F&I
1 November 2017Wise F&I Hires Matt Sondag as ActuaryWise F&I
21 January 2021Wise F&I Obtains Partnership with CarBlip, an On-Demand Car Buying and Leasing PlatformWise F&I

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