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Eddie Cheever

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Eddie Cheever

Born:  January 10, 1958

A race car driver.

His accomplishments include:
2000 Scott Brayton Driver's Trophy winner

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Formula 1 Race History
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Article Index

May 2, 1995Indy Car Racing Media ConferenceEddie Cheever, Jr.
July 28, 2002Indy Racing League Series: Michigan Indy 400Eddie Cheever, Jr.
Felipe Giaffone
Buddy Rice
Tomas Scheckter
February 3, 2003Indy Racing League Media ConferenceKenny Brack
Helio Castroneves
Eddie Cheever, Jr
Buddy Lazier
Al Unser Jr.
February 3, 2004Indy Racing League Media ConferenceAlex Barron
Ed Carpenter
Eddie Cheever, Jr.
August 24, 2004Indy Racing League Media ConferenceJack Arute
Eddie Cheever, Jr.
November 11, 2004Indy Racing League Media ConferenceAlex Barron
Patrick Carpentier
Eddie Cheever, Jr.
February 14, 2007Indy Racing League Media ConferenceRichard Antinucci
Eddie Cheever, Jr.
Scott Dixon
May 19, 2009Indy Racing League Media ConferenceEddie Cheever, Jr.
Jay Drake
Scott Goodyear
Marty Reid
May 25, 2010Indy Racing League Media ConferenceEddie Cheever, Jr.
Rich Feinberg
Scott Goodyear
Marty Reid
July 26, 2011Grand-Am Road Racing Media ConferenceTom Bledsoe
Eddie Cheever, Jr.
Joie Chitwood, III
Mark Raffauf

Formula 1 Race History

Racing Record Notes

DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
January 15, 1978ArgentineTheodore-FordDNQ0
January 29, 1978BrazilianTheodore-FordDNQ0
March 4, 1978South AfricanHesketh-Ford25Retired0
January 13, 1980ArgentineOsella-FordDNQ0
January 27, 1980BrazilianOsella-FordDNQ0
March 1, 1980South AfricanOsella-Ford22Retired0
March 30, 1980USA WestOsella-Ford19Retired0
May 4, 1980BelgianOsella-FordDNQ0
May 18, 1980MonacoOsella-FordDNQ0
June 29, 1980FrenchOsella-Ford21Retired0
July 13, 1980BritishOsella-Ford20Retired0
August 10, 1980GermanOsella-Ford18Retired0
August 17, 1980AustrianOsella-Ford19Retired0
August 31, 1980DutchOsella-Ford19Retired0
September 14, 1980ItalianOsella-Ford17120
September 28, 1980CanadianOsella-Ford14Retired0
October 5, 1980USA EastOsella-Ford16Retired0
March 15, 1981USA WestTyrrell-Ford852
March 29, 1981BrazilianTyrrell-Ford14Not classified0
April 12, 1981ArgentineTyrrell-Ford13Retired0
May 3, 1981San MarinoTyrrell-Ford19Retired0
May 17, 1981BelgianTyrrell-Ford861
May 31, 1981MonacoTyrrell-Ford1552
June 21, 1981SpanishTyrrell-Ford20Not classified0
July 5, 1981FrenchTyrrell-Ford19130
July 18, 1981BritishTyrrell-Ford2343
August 2, 1981GermanTyrrell-Ford1852
August 16, 1981AustrianTyrrell-FordDNQ0
August 30, 1981DutchTyrrell-Ford22Retired0
September 13, 1981ItalianTyrrell-Ford17Retired0
September 27, 1981CanadianTyrrell-Ford14120
October 17, 1981Las VegasTyrrell-Ford19Retired0
January 23, 1982South AfricanLigier-Matra17Retired0
March 21, 1982BrazilianLigier-Matra26Retired0
April 4, 1982USA WestLigier-Matra13Retired0
May 9, 1982BelgianLigier-Matra1434
May 23, 1982MonacoLigier-Matra16Retired0
June 6, 1982USA EastLigier-Matra926
June 13, 1982CanadianLigier-Matra12100
July 3, 1982DutchLigier-MatraDNQ0
July 18, 1982BritishLigier-Matra24Retired0
July 25, 1982FrenchLigier-Matra19160
August 8, 1982GermanLigier-Matra12Retired0
August 15, 1982AustrianLigier-Matra22Retired0
August 29, 1982SwissLigier-Matra16Retired0
September 12, 1982ItalianLigier-Matra1461
September 25, 1982Las VegasLigier-Matra434
March 13, 1983BrazilianRenault8Retired0
March 27, 1983USA WestRenault15130
April 17, 1983FrenchRenault234
May 1, 1983San MarinoRenault6Retired0
May 15, 1983MonacoRenault3Retired0
May 22, 1983BelgianRenault834
June 5, 1983United StatesRenault7Retired0
June 12, 1983CanadianRenault626
July 16, 1983BritishRenault7Retired0
August 7, 1983GermanRenault6Retired0
August 14, 1983AustrianRenault843
August 28, 1983DutchRenault11Retired0
September 11, 1983ItalianRenault734
September 25, 1983EuropeanRenault7100
October 15, 1983South AfricanRenault1461
March 25, 1984BrazilianAlfa Romeo1343
April 7, 1984South AfricanAlfa Romeo16Retired0
April 29, 1984BelgianAlfa Romeo11Retired0
May 6, 1984San MarinoAlfa Romeo870
May 20, 1984FrenchAlfa Romeo16Retired0
June 3, 1984MonacoAlfa RomeoDNQ0
June 17, 1984CanadianAlfa Romeo11110
June 24, 1984USA EastAlfa Romeo8Retired0
July 8, 1984United StatesAlfa Romeo14Retired0
July 22, 1984BritishAlfa Romeo18Retired0
August 5, 1984GermanAlfa Romeo18Retired0
August 19, 1984AustrianAlfa Romeo16Retired0
August 26, 1984DutchAlfa Romeo17130
September 9, 1984ItalianAlfa Romeo1090
October 7, 1984EuropeanAlfa Romeo13Retired0
October 21, 1984PortugueseAlfa Romeo14170
April 7, 1985BrazilianAlfa Romeo18Retired0
April 21, 1985PortugueseAlfa Romeo14Retired0
May 5, 1985San MarinoAlfa Romeo12Retired0
May 19, 1985MonacoAlfa Romeo4Retired0
June 16, 1985CanadianAlfa Romeo11170
June 23, 1985United StatesAlfa Romeo790
July 7, 1985FrenchAlfa Romeo18100
July 21, 1985BritishAlfa Romeo22Retired0
August 4, 1985GermanAlfa Romeo18Retired0
August 18, 1985AustrianAlfa Romeo20Retired0
August 25, 1985DutchAlfa Romeo20Retired0
September 8, 1985ItalianAlfa Romeo24Retired0
September 15, 1985BelgianAlfa Romeo19Retired0
October 6, 1985EuropeanAlfa Romeo18110
October 19, 1985South AfricanAlfa Romeo14Retired0
November 3, 1985AustralianAlfa Romeo13Retired0
June 22, 1986United States10Retired0
April 12, 1987BrazilianArrows-Megatron14Retired0
May 3, 1987San MarinoArrows-Megatron9Retired0
May 17, 1987BelgianArrows-Megatron1143
May 31, 1987MonacoArrows-Megatron6Retired0
June 21, 1987United StatesArrows-Megatron661
July 5, 1987FrenchArrows-Megatron14Retired0
July 12, 1987BritishArrows-Megatron14Retired0
July 26, 1987GermanArrows-Megatron15Retired0
August 9, 1987HungarianArrows-Megatron1180
August 16, 1987AustrianArrows-Megatron12Retired0
September 6, 1987ItalianArrows-Megatron13Retired0
September 20, 1987PortugueseArrows-Megatron1161
September 27, 1987SpanishArrows-Megatron1380
October 18, 1987MexicanArrows-Megatron1343
November 1, 1987JapaneseArrows-Megatron1290
November 15, 1987AustralianArrows-Megatron11Retired0
April 3, 1988BrazilianArrows-Megatron1580
May 1, 1988San MarinoArrows-Megatron770
May 15, 1988MonacoArrows-Megatron9Retired0
May 29, 1988MexicanArrows-Megatron761
June 12, 1988CanadianArrows-Megatron8Retired0
June 19, 1988United StatesArrows-Megatron15Retired0
July 3, 1988FrenchArrows-Megatron13110
July 10, 1988BritishArrows-Megatron1370
July 24, 1988GermanArrows-Megatron15100
August 7, 1988HungarianArrows-Megatron14Retired0
August 28, 1988BelgianArrows-Megatron1161
September 11, 1988ItalianArrows-Megatron534
September 25, 1988PortugueseArrows-Megatron18Retired0
October 2, 1988SpanishArrows-Megatron25Retired0
October 30, 1988JapaneseArrows-Megatron15Retired0
November 13, 1988AustralianArrows-Megatron18Retired0
March 26, 1989BrazilianArrows-Ford24Retired0
April 23, 1989San MarinoArrows-Ford2190
May 7, 1989MonacoArrows-Ford2070
May 28, 1989MexicanArrows-Ford2470
June 4, 1989United StatesArrows-Ford1734
June 18, 1989CanadianArrows-Ford16Retired0
July 9, 1989FrenchArrows-Ford2570
July 16, 1989BritishArrows-FordDNQ0
July 30, 1989GermanArrows-Ford25120
August 13, 1989HungarianArrows-Ford1652
August 27, 1989BelgianArrows-Ford24Retired0
September 10, 1989ItalianArrows-FordDNQ0
September 24, 1989PortugueseArrows-Ford26Retired0
October 1, 1989SpanishArrows-Ford22Retired0
October 22, 1989JapaneseArrows-Ford2480
November 5, 1989AustralianArrows-Ford22Retired0

Collectible Cards

YearSet#NameCar #SponsorNotes
1991All World Racing16Eddie Cheever15Target
1991All World Racing46'90 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year Eddie Cheever15Target

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