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Index of Publications: 1916

Index of Publications: 1916

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1916 Publications Index Subsections: Patents

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Books - Periodicals - January - July
There are 12,984 pages in 15 documents in this index. Go to the Index of Publications Main Page for notes about this content.

BooksDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
1916Automobile Nomenclature
Including Names of Car Parts and Items of Terminology
Topic Page - 24 pages
1916Automobile Year Book
Automobile Department of McClure's Magazine
Topic Page - 260 pages
1916Hand Book of Automobiles
National Automobile Chamber of Commerce Incorporated

- 16.1MB - 313 pages
1916The Law of Automobiles
Xenophon P. Huddy, LL. B. and Howard C. Joyce
Topic Page - 576 pages
1916Letters from a Successful Hudson Dealer to His Son
Hudson Motor Car Company
Topic Page - 99 pages
1916The Lightning Conductor Discovers America
Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson

Topic Page
- 10.8MB - 384 pages
1916The Romance of the Automobile Industry
James Rood Doolittle

Topic Page
- 21.7MB - 460 pages
PeriodicalsDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
Compilation: 1916American Motorist
- 219,988KB - 790 pages
Compilation: First Half 1916The AutomobileTopic Page - 136MB - 1,290 pages
Compilation: Second Half 1916The AutomobileTopic Page - 156MB - 1,235 pages
Compilation: February-July 1916Automobile Journal Volume 41
PDF Scan Version 1 - 140MB - 755 pages
PDF Scan Version 2 - 98.3MB - 735 pages
Compilation: January-June 1916
publication dates
Garage Efficiency Volume 6
The Garage Press

- 42.5MB - 263 pages
Compilation: 1916The Motor Truck

TMT Topic Page
- 51.9MB - 510 pages
Compilation: First Half 1916Motorcycle Illustrated Volume 12, Part 1
- 326MB - 1,875 pages
Compilation: Second Half 1916Motorcycle Illustrated Volume 12, Part 2
- 265MB - 1,700 pages
JanuaryDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
January 1916Automobile Trade Directory Volume 14, Issue 1
- 78.7MB - 850 pages
JulyDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
July 1916Automobile Trade Directory Volume 14, Issue 3
- 82.7MB - 910 pages
July 1916Chilton Automobile Directory
Chilton Company

- 65.3MB - 690 pages

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