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Automotive Publications

Automotive Publications

The Publications Collection of The Crittenden Automotive Library includes books, magazines, reports, official government correspondence, notices of official government decisions, newsletters, court documents, other official notices, and other such material.

Individual news articles, commentaries, press conference & interview transcripts, Federal Register notices, and speeches are in the Articles Index.

Note on patents: the "horseless carriage," as early automobiles were known, were not themselves an invention "from scratch" but the application of numerous existing technologies into one package. Not all of the patent documents in the Library may have been directly applied to automobiles of the day. Many of them are technologies originally used on wagons, carriages, and bicycles, the nonmotorized precursors to cars and motorcycles, technologies including tires, wheels, wheel hubs, and other "running gear." These, as well as general technologies of the rapidly developing internal combustion engine, are included here as historical background into the invention of the automobile and the earliest applications of it.

The Home Page contains a year-by-year index of most of the Library's publications, but not all information is able to be organized by date of publication. Volumes that cross multiple years or are otherwise not able to be classified by an exact year are indexed below. For information indexed by year, data reports are organized by the year of data collection, shop manuals are organized by the model year of vehicle, and crash reports are organized by the date of the incident.

Page Sections
Main Chronological Archive
Major Collections
Content Unclassifiable by Year

Main Chronological Archive

2 weeks, 4 days & 3:03:52
3 weeks, 3 days & 1:21:10
202 sets
844,247 pages
11,841 documents

2,443 articles | 7:05 | 4,808 pages in 139 documents

30,579 articles | 302:20:06 | 319:35:22 | 132,209 pages in 3,567 documents

14,137 articles | 22:11:41 | 249:59:30 | 271,005 pages in 4,085 documents

1,156 articles | 14:55:31 | 92,692 pages in 1,463 documents

48 articles | 9:46:48 | 22,467 pages in 251 documents

118 articles | 3:49:55 | 15,650 pages in 274 documents

62 articles | 8:27:20 | 8,235 pages in 368 documents

71 articles | 24:27:10 | 6,441 pages in 297 documents

14 articles | 14:36:01 | 1:37:12 | 2,216 pages in 125 documents

24 articles | 23:01:47 | 298 pages in 19 documents

505 articles | 2:44:00 | 43,592 pages in 85 documents

369 articles | 1:09:22 | 4:22:07 | 115,231 pages in 195 documents

390 articles | 60,404 pages in 118 documents

33 articles | 2,042 pages in 227 documents

Article and Document counts updated 19 August 2021.

Major Collections

United States Code of Federal Regulations, 1997 to 2017 (Title 23: Highways and Title 49: Transportation Chapters III - FMCSA & V - NHTSA)
United States Patents, 5 November 1895 to 14 April 1896 (190)


Successes in Stewardship - Federal Highway Administration, August 2001 to May 2017

Content Unclassifiable by Year

Mostly multi-year compilations of periodicals that can't be organized on a single year's index and multi-year study reports.

There are 66,988 pages in 629 documents in this index.

Highway Statistics SummaryDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
____-1945Highway Statistics Summary to 1945
U.S. Public Roads Administration

- 38.8MB - 106 pages
____-1965Highway Statistics Summary to 1965
Federal Highway Administration

- 73.4MB - 196 pages
____-1975Highway Statistics Summary to 1975
Federal Highway Administration

- 69.0MB - 300 pages
____-1995Highway Statistics Summary to 1995
Federal Highway Administration

- 39,606KB - 216 pages
Document Name & DetailsDocuments
Compilation: August 1896-September 1898The Automotor Journal
- 138MB - 1,035 pages
Compilation: November 1896-October 1897The Horseless Age
- 16,003KB - 260 pages
Compilation: February 1899-February 1900Motor Car Journal Volume 1
- 95.4MB - 830 pages
Compilation: October 1899-March 1900The Horseless Age
- 84,658KB - 835 pages
Compilation: March 1900-March 1901Motor Car Journal Volume 2
- 122MB - 885 pages
Compilation: April 1900-March 1901The Hub Volume 42
- 125MB - 555 pages
Compilation: March 1901-March 1902Motor Car Journal Volume 3
- 127MB - 935 pages
Compilation: December 1901-March 1902The Hub Volume 43
- 111MB - 545 pages
Compilation: March 1902-February 1903Motor Car Journal Volume 4
- 163MB - 1,010 pages
Compilation: October 1902-March 1903Motor World Volume 5
PDF Scan Version 1 - 121MB - 825 pages
PDF Scan Version 2 - 125MB - 890 pages
Compilation: March 1903-February 1904Motor Car Journal Volume 5
- 157MB - 1,025 pages
Compilation: March 1904-February 1905Motor Car Journal Volume 6
- 171MB - 1,090 pages
Compilation: September 1905-January 1906Motor World Volume 11
- 170MB - 1,110 pages
Compilation: March 1906-February 1907Motor Car Journal Volume 8
- 170MB - 1,140 pages
Compilation: October 1906-January 1907Automobile Topics Volume 13
- 106MB - 1,150 pages
Compilation: March 1907-February 1908Automobile Dealer and Repairer
- 50.4MB - 425 pages
Compilation: March 1907-February 1908Motor Car Journal Volume 9
- 192MB - 1,140 pages
Compilation: July 1907-June 1908Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal
- 566MB - 2,370 pages
Compilation: October 1907-May 1908Motor World Volume 17
- 119MB - 1,050 pages
Compilation: March 1908-February 1909Automobile Dealer and Repairer Volumes 5-6
- 45.4MB - 365 pages
Compilation: March 1908-February 1909Motor Car Journal Volume 10
- 169MB - 1,110 pages
Compilation: April 1908-March 1909The Hub Volume 50
- 114MB - 780 pages
Compilation: October 1908-March 1909Motor World Volume 19
- 118MB - 1,195 pages
Compilation: March 1909-February 1910Automobile Dealer and Repairer Volumes 7-8
- 45.4MB - 535 pages
Compilation: April 1909-March 1910The Hub Volume 51
- 73.5MB - 665 pages
Compilation: April 1910-March 1911The Hub Volume 52
- 60.6MB - 535 pages
Compilation: April 1911-March 1912The Hub Volume 53
- 91.9MB - 720 pages
Compilation: May-June 1911 and November 1923Automobile Topics Volumes 22 & 72
- 56.2MB - 400 pages
Compilation: October 1911-June 1913The Hudson Triangle
- 102MB - 370 pages
Compilation: November 1911-April 1913Accessory and Garage Journal Volumes 1-2
- 72.9MB - 855 pages
Compilation: December 1911-March 1912Motor World Volumes 30
- 91.2MB - 600 pages
Compilation: April 1912-March 1913The Hub Volume 54
- 81.5MB - 645 pages
Compilation: August 1912-January 1913Automobile Journal Volume 34
- 178MB - 1,455 pages
Compilation: September 1912-February 1913Automobile Dealer and Repairer Volume 14
- 153MB - 710 pages
Compilation: December 1912-March 1913Motor World Volume 34
PDF Scan Version 1 - 317MB - 1,775 pages
PDF Scan Version 2 - 79.2MB - 650 pages
Compilation: April 1913-March 1914The Hub Volume 55
- 57.1MB - 525 pages
Compilation: May 1913-April 1915Accessory and Garage Journal Volumes 3-4
- 240MB - 1,400 pages
Compilation: July 1913-June 1915The Hudson Triangle
- 71.2MB - 375 pages
Compilation: August 1913-January 1914Automobile Journal Volume 36
- 163MB - 1,260 pages
Compilation: December 1913-March 1914Motor World Volume 38
- 189MB - 1,140 pages
Compilation: April 1914-March 1915The Hub Volume 56
- 57.1MB - 515 pages
Compilation: March 1915-February 1916Automobile Dealer and Repairer Volumes 19-20
- 414MB - 1,750 pages
Compilation: April 1915-March 1916The Hub Volume 57
- 55.9MB - 505 pages
Compilation: July 1915-June 1917The Hudson Triangle
- 57.5MB - 450 pages
Compilation: August 1915-January 1916Automobile Journal Volume 40
PDF Scan Version 1 - 109MB - 895 pages
PDF Scan Version 2 - 82.0MB - 865 pages
Compilation: August 1915-January 1916The Commercial Vehicle Volume 13
- 194MB - 945 pages
Compilation: January 1916-August 1917Motor Truck Club Bulletin Volume 4
Motor Truck Club of America

- 18.9MB - 325 pages
Compilation: April 1916-March 1917The Hub Volume 58
- 47.7MB - 415 pages
Compilation: May 1916-April 1917Accessory and Garage Journal Volume 6
- 200MB - 845 pages
Compilation: July 1916 to May 2017
publication dates
Garage Efficiency Volume 7
The Garage Press

- 146MB - 731 pages
Compilation: August 1916-January 1917Automobile Journal Volume 42
- 116MB - 635 pages
Compilation: August 1916-January 1917The Commercial Vehicle Volume 15
- 235MB - 1,103 pages
Compilation: May 1917-April 1918Accessory and Garage Journal Volume 7
- 171MB - 835 pages
Compilation: April 1917-February 1918Automobile Dealer and Repairer Volumes 23-24
- 369MB - 1,530 pages
Compilation: April 1917-March 1918The Hub Volume 59
- 60.1MB - 505 pages
Compilation: June 1917-October 1919The Hudson Triangle
- 56.8MB - 420 pages
Compilation: August 1917-January 1918Automobile Journal Volume 64
- 111MB - 630 pages
Compilation: March 1918-February 1919Automobile Dealer and Repairer Volumes 25-26
- 292MB - 1,345 pages
Compilation: May 1918-April 1919Accessory and Garage Journal Volume 8
- 180MB - 845 pages
Compilation: August 1918-July 1919Automobile Journal Volume 66
PDF Scan Version 1 - 42.0MB - 255 pages
PDF Scan Version 2 - 31.7MB - 120 pages
PDF Scan Version 3 - 111MB - 855 pages
Compilation: May 1919-April 1920Accessory and Garage Journal Volume 9
- 251MB - 1,175 pages
Compilation: July 1919-June 1920Highway Transportation Volume 9
Motor Truck Association of America

- 67.5MB - 650 pages
Compilation: August 1919-July 1920Automobile Journal Volume 67
- 106MB - 725 pages
Compilation: September 1919-March 1920The Automotive Manufacturer Volume 61
- 27.8MB - 205 pages
Compilation: October 1919-April 1920Motor West
Internet Archive Page
- 234MB - 1,150 pages
Compilation: October 1919-November 1925The Hudson Triangle
- 77.0MB - 410 pages
Compilation: April 1920-March 1921The Automotive Manufacturer Volume 62
- 34.0MB - 280 pages
Compilation: May 1920-April 1921Accessory and Garage Journal Volume 10
PDF Scan Version 1 - 273MB - 1,330 pages
PDF Scan Version 2 - 82.2MB - 670 pages
Compilation: July 1920-June 1921Highway Transportation Volume 10
Motor Truck Association of America

- 67.4MB - 590 pages
Compilation: August 1920-July 1921Automobile Journal Volume 68
- 75.2MB - 430 pages
Compilation: August 1920-January 1921The Commercial Vehicle Volume 23
- 221MB - 1,250 pages
Compilation: March 1921-February 1922Automobile Dealer and Repairer Volumes 31-32
- 61.4MB - 500 pages
Compilation: June 1921-March 1922The Automotive Manufacturer Volume 63
- 23.4MB - 225 pages
Compilation: July 1921-June 1922Highway Transportation Volume 11
Motor Truck Association of America

- 54.8MB - 525 pages
Compilation: August 1921-July 1922Automobile Journal Volume 69
- 64.3MB - 475 pages
Compilation: April 1922-March 1923The Automotive Manufacturer Volume 64
- 37.5MB - 350 pages
Compilation: March 1922-February 1923Automobile Dealer and Repairer Volumes 33-34
- 63.0MB - 540 pages
Compilation: December 1922-Octomber 1923Ford News
Ford Motor Company

- 29.6MB - 100 pages
1931-1941Financing of Highways by Counties and Local Rural Governments 1931-1941
U.S. Bureau of Public Roads

- 34.6MB - 106 pages
1937-1961Quarter Century of Financing Municipal Highways, A: 1937-1961
U.S. Bureau of Public Roads

- 69.2MB - 182 pages
1942-1951Financing of Highways by Counties and Local Rural Governments 1942-1951
U.S. Bureau of Public Roads

- 15.8MB - 118 pages
1960-2000Medical Conditions and Driving: A Review of the Literature (1960 – 2000)
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

- 1,752KB - 162 pages
1968-1970Rental Vehicle Surveillance Program: March 1968 to January 1970
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

- 969KB - 24 pages
Mark Auto Company
Issue Page - 300MB - 108 pages
1975-19791975-1979 National Truck Characteristic Report
Federal Highway Administration

- 77.8MB - 195 pages
1981-2007Fundamental Car Groups, 1981-2007
Shared Body Platforms
United States Environmental Protection Agency

- 222KB - 66 pages
1985-2007Fundamental LTV Groups, 1985-2007
Shared Body Platforms
United States Environmental Protection Agency

- 266KB - 74 pages
1992-2002Traffic Volume Trends 1992-2002
Federal Highway Administration

- 955KB - 12 pages
Microsoft Excel - 319KB
2000'sInterstate Truck Driver's Guide to Hours of Service
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

- 22 pages
2007-2008Traffic Safety Facts:  Research Note:  Fatalities and Fatality Rates in Alcohol-Impaired-Driving Crashes by State, 2007-2008
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

- 224KB - 3 pages
TSF State & County ReportsDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
2004-2008Traffic Safety Facts 2004-2008
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
See below... - 330 pages - 73 documents
2005-2009Traffic Safety Facts 2005-2009
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
See below... - 1,413 pages - 320 documents
2006-2010Traffic Safety Facts 2006-2010
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
See below... - 621 pages - 141 documents

Traffic Safety Facts - State and County 5-Year Reports

All reports are in PDF format.  All state reports are 23 pages and all county/parish reports are 4 pages each unless otherwise specified.

2004-2008  Fatality Data - NCSA Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS): 2004-2007 Final File and 2008 Annual Report File (ARF)
2005-2009  Fatality Data - NCSA Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS): 2005-2008 Final File and 2009 Annual Report File (ARF)
2006-2010  Fatality Data - NCSA Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS): 2006-2009 Final File and 2010 Annual Report File (ARF)

Autauga County124KB124KB
Baldwin County125KB125KB
Barbour County124KB124KB
Bibb County123KB124KB
Blount County124KB124KB
Bullock County123KB124KB
Butler County124KB124KB
Calhoun County124KB123KB
Chambers County123KB123KB
Cherokee County123KB124KB
Chilton County124KB124KB
Choctaw County124KB124KB
Clarke County124KB123KB
Clay County123KB124KB
Cleburne County124KB124KB
Coffee County124KB124KB
Colbert County124KB124KB
Conecuh County124KB123KB
Coosa County123KB125KB
Covington County124KB124KB
Crenshaw County123KB124KB
Cullman County124KB124KB
Dale County124KB124KB
Dallas County124KB124KB
Dekalb County125KB124KB
Elmore County124KB124KB
Escambia County124KB124KB
Etowah County124KB124KB
Fayette County123KB124KB
Franklin County124KB124KB
Geneva County123KB124KB
Greene County124KB123KB
Hale County124KB124KB
Henry County123KB123KB
Houston County124KB124KB
Jackson County125KB124KB
Jefferson County125KB125KB
Lamar County124KB124KB
Lauderdale County124KB124KB
Lawrence County124KB124KB
Lee County124KB124KB
Limestone County124KB124KB
Lowndes County124KB124KB
Macon County124KB124KB
Madison County124KB124KB
Marengo County124KB124KB
Marion County124KB124KB
Marshall County124KB124KB
Mobile County125KB124KB
Monroe County124KB124KB
Montgomery County125KB124KB
Morgan County124KB124KB
Perry County123KB123KB
Pickens County123KB123KB
Pike County124KB124KB
Randolph County123KB123KB
Russell County124KB124KB
Shelby County124KB124KB
St. Clair County125KB124KB
Sumter County124KB124KB
Talladega County124KB124KB
Tallapoosa County124KB124KB
Tuscaloosa County124KB124KB
Walker County124KB124KB
Washington County124KB124KB
Wilcox County123KB124KB
Winston County124KB123KB
Aleutians East Borough113KB
Aleutians West Census Area114KB
Anchorage Borough115KB
Bethel Census Area113KB
Bristol Bay Borough113KB
Denali Borough114KB
Dillingham Census Area113KB
Fairbanks North Star Borough115KB
Haines Borough113KB
Juneau Borough114KB
Kenai Peninsula Borough115KB
Ketchikan Gateway Borough114KB
Kodiak Island Borough114KB
Lake And Peninsula Borough115KB
Matanuska-Susitna Borough115KB
Nome Census Area115KB
North Slope Borough114KB
Northwest Arctic Borough114KB
Prince Of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census Area114KB
Sitka Borough114KB
Skagway-Yakutat-Angoon Census Area108KB
Southeast Fairbanks Census Area115KB
Valdez-Cordova Census Area115KB
Wade Hampton Census Area114KB
Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area114KB
Yakutat Borough113KB
Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area116KB
Apache County120KB
Cochise County118KB
Coconino County120KB
Gila County118KB
Graham County117KB
Greenlee County117KB
La Paz County118KB
Maricopa County127KB
Mohave County128KB
Navajo County120KB
Pima County118KB
Pinal County118KB
Santa Cruz County116KB
Yavapai County118KB
Yuma County118KB
Arkansas County135KB
Ashley County135KB
Baxter County135KB
Benton County136KB
Boone County135KB
Bradley County135KB
Calhoun County135KB
Carroll County135KB
Chicot County135KB
Clark County135KB
Clay County134KB
Cleburne County134KB
Cleveland County135KB
Columbia County135KB
Conway County135KB
Craighead County135KB
Crawford County135KB
Crittenden County135KB
Cross County135KB
Dallas County135KB
Desha County135KB
Drew County135KB
Faulkner County136KB
Franklin County135KB
Fulton County134KB
Garland County136KB
Grant County135KB
Greene County135KB
Hempstead County135KB
Hot Spring County136KB
Howard County135KB
Independence County135KB
Izard County134KB
Jackson County135KB
Jefferson County135KB
Johnson County135KB
Lafayette County135KB
Lawrence County135KB
Lee County135KB
Lincoln County135KB
Little River County135KB
Logan County135KB
Lonoke County135KB
Madison County135KB
Marion County135KB
Miller County136KB
Mississippi County136KB
Monroe County135KB
Montgomery County135KB
Nevada County135KB
Newton County135KB
Ouachita County135KB
Perry County135KB
Phillips County135KB
Pike County135KB
Poinsett County135KB
Polk County135KB
Pope County135KB
Prairie County135KB
Pulaski County136KB
Randolph County135KB
Saline County136KB
Scott County135KB
Searcy County135KB
Sebastian County135KB
Sevier County135KB
Sharp County135KB
St. Francis County135KB
Stone County134KB
Union County136KB
Van Buren County135KB
Washington County136KB
White County135KB
Woodruff County135KB
Yell County135KB
Alameda County126KB
Alpine County116KB
Amador County117KB
Butte County126KB
Calaveras County117KB
Colusa County117KB
Contra Costa County118KB
Del Norte County117KB
El Dorado County117KB
Fresno County127KB
Glenn County117KB
Humboldt County118KB
Imperial County118KB
Inyo County118KB
Kern County127KB
Kings County126KB
Lake County117KB
Lassen County117KB
Los Angeles County127KB
Madera County126KB
Marin County117KB
Mariposa County117KB
Mendocino County118KB
Merced County126KB
Modoc County117KB
Mono County117KB
Monterey County118KB
Napa County118KB
Nevada County118KB
Orange County126KB
Placer County117KB
Plumas County117KB
Riverside County127KB
Sacramento County126KB
San Benito County117KB
San Bernardino County127KB
San Diego County127KB
San Francisco County117KB
San Joaquin County126KB
San Luis Obispo County118KB
San Mateo County118KB
Santa Barbara County126KB
Santa Clara County126KB
Santa Cruz County117KB
Shasta County117KB
Sierra County116KB
Siskiyou County118KB
Solano County126KB
Sonoma County126KB
Stanislaus County118KB
Sutter County117KB
Tehama County118KB
Trinity County116KB
Tulare County126KB
Tuolumne County117KB
Ventura County126KB
Yolo County118KB
Yuba County117KB
Adams County125KB130KB130KB
Alamosa County124KB130KB130KB
Arapahoe County125KB131KB131KB
Archuleta County125KB130KB130KB
Baca County126KB131KB131KB
Bent County125KB130KB130KB
Boulder County125KB131KB131KB
Chaffee County125KB130KB131KB
Cheyenne County124KB130KB130KB
Clear Creek County124KB130KB130KB
Conejos County125KB130KB130KB
Costilla County125KB130KB130KB
Crowley County124KB130KB129KB
Custer County125KB130KB130KB
Delta County124KB130KB130KB
Denver County125KB131KB131KB
Dolores County124KB129KB129KB
Douglas County125KB131KB131KB
Eagle County125KB131KB131KB
El Paso County133KB131KB131KB
Elbert County125KB131KB131KB
Fremont County125KB130KB130KB
Garfield County125KB131KB131KB
Gilpin County123KB129KB129KB
Grand County125KB130KB130KB
Gunnison County125KB131KB131KB
Hinsdale County124KB129KB130KB
Huerfano County125KB130KB130KB
Jackson County125KB130KB130KB
Jefferson County125KB131KB131KB
Kiowa County124KB130KB130KB
Kit Carson County125KB131KB131KB
La Plata County126KB131KB131KB
Lake County124KB130KB130KB
Larimer County126KB131KB132KB
Las Animas County126KB131KB131KB
Lincoln County125KB131KB130KB
Logan County125KB131KB130KB
Mesa County126KB131KB131KB
Mineral County124KB130KB130KB
Moffat County125KB130KB130KB
Montezuma County126KB131KB131KB
Montrose County125KB131KB131KB
Morgan County126KB131KB131KB
Otero County125KB130KB130KB
Ouray County124KB130KB130KB
Park County125KB131KB131KB
Phillips County124KB129KB129KB
Pitkin County124KB130KB130KB
Prowers County125KB131KB131KB
Pueblo County126KB131KB131KB
Rio Blanco County125KB130KB130KB
Rio Grande County125KB130KB130KB
Routt County126KB131KB131KB
Saguache County125KB130KB130KB
San Juan County124KB130KB129KB
San Miguel County124KB130KB130KB
Sedgwick County124KB129KB129KB
Summit County125KB130KB130KB
Teller County124KB130KB130KB
Washington County125KB130KB130KB
Weld County126KB132KB132KB
Yuma County125KB131KB131KB
Fairfield County116KB122KB122KB
Hartford County115KB120KB121KB
Litchfield County115KB120KB120KB
Middlesex County114KB120KB120KB
New Haven County115KB120KB120KB
New London County115KB121KB121KB
Tolland County114KB120KB120KB
Windham County114KB120KB120KB

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