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Canadian Grand Prix

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Canadian Grand Prix

A race held in Canada since 1961, but not part of the Formula 1 World Championship until 1967.

Wikipedia: Canadian Grand Prix

2003 Race Information

DateOfficial NameWinnerWinner's Make
30 September 1961Peter RyanLotus-Climax
1962Masten GregoryLotus-Climax
1963Pedro RodríguezFerrari
1964Pedro RodríguezFerrari
1965Jim HallChaparral-Chevrolet
24 September 1966Mark DonohueLola-Chevrolet
27 August 1967Jack BrabhamBrabham-Repco
22 September 1968VIII Player's Canadian Grand PrixDenny HulmeMcLaren-Ford
20 September 1969Jacky IckxBrabham-Ford
20 September 1970X Canadian Grand PrixJacky IckxFerrari
19 September 1971XI Player's Canadian Grand PrixJackie StewartTyrrell-Ford
24 September 1972Jackie StewartTyrrell-Ford
23 September 1973XIII Labatt's Canadian Grand PrixPeter RevsonMcLaren-Ford
22 September 1974Emerson FittipaldiMcLaren-Ford
3 October 1976James HuntMcLaren-Ford
9 October 1977Jody ScheckterWolf-Ford
8 October 1978Gilles VilleneuveFerrari
30 September 1979Alan JonesWilliams-Ford
28 September 1980XIX Grand Prix Labatt du CanadaAlan JonesWilliams-Ford
27 September 1981XX Grand Prix du CanadaJacques LaffiteLigier-Matra
13 June 1982XXI Grand Prix du CanadaNelson PiquetBrabham-BMW
12 June 1983XXII Grand Prix du CanadaRené ArnouxFerrari
17 June 1984XXIII Grand Prix du CanadaNelson PiquetBrabham-BMW
16 June 1985XXIV Grand Prix du CanadaMichele AlboretoFerrari
15 June 1986XXIV Grand Prix du CanadaNigel MansellWilliams-Honda
12 June 1988Molson Grand Prix du CanadaAyrton SennaMcLaren-Honda
18 June 1989XXVII Grand Prix Molson du CanadaThierry BoutsenWilliams-Renault
10 June 1990Ayrton SennaMcLaren-Honda
2 June 1991Nelson PiquetBenetton-Ford
14 June 1992Gerhard BergerMcLaren-Honda
13 June 1993Alain ProstWilliams-Renault
12 June 1994XXXII Grand Prix Molson du CanadaMichael SchumacherBenetton-Ford
11 June 1995XXXIII Grand Prix Molson du CanadaJean AlesiFerrari
16 June 1996XXXIV Grand Prix Molson du CanadaDamon HillWilliams-Renault
15 June 1997Grand Prix Players du CanadaMichael SchumacherFerrari
7 June 1998Grand Prix Player's du CanadaMichael SchumacherFerrari
13 June 1999XXXVII Grand Prix Air CanadaMika HäkkinenMcLaren-Mercedes
18 June 2000XXXIIX Grand Prix Air CanadaMichael SchumacherFerrari
10 June 2001XXXIX Grand Prix Air CanadaRalf SchumacherWilliams-BMW
9 June 2002XL Grand Prix Air CanadaMichael SchumacherFerrari
15 June 2003XLI Grand Prix Air CanadaMichael SchumacherFerrari2003 Race Information
13 June 2004XLII Grand Prix Air CanadaMichael SchumacherFerrari2004 Race Information
12 June 2005Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada 2005Kimi RäikkönenMcLaren-Mercedes
25 June 2006XLIII Grand Prix du CanadaFernando AlonsoRenault2006 Race Information
10 June 2007XLIV Grand Prix du CanadaLewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes2007 Race Information
8 June 2008XLV Grand Prix du CanadaRobert KubicaBMW Sauber2008 Race Information
13 June 2010XLVI Grand Prix du CanadaLewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes2010 Race Information
12 June 2011Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada 2011Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes2011 Race Information
10 June 2012Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada 2012Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes2012 Race Information
9 June 2013Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada 2013Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault2013 Race Information
8 June 2014Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada 2014Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-Renault
7 June 2015Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada 2015Lewis HamiltonMercedes
12 June 2016Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada 2016Lewis HamiltonMercedes
11 June 2017Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada 2017Lewis HamiltonMercedes
15 June 2003Germany's Michael Schumacher Wins Canadian Grand PrixVOA Sports

2004 Race Information

1 September 2003Carte Blanche Leads Campaign to Protest F1 CancellationCarte Blanche Communication Marketing

2006 Race Information

11 June 2006Button Grabs Pole for Canadian Grand PrixVOA Sports
24 June 2006All Renault front row for 2006 Canadian Grand PrixWikinews
25 June 2006Fernando Alonso wins 2006 Canadian Grand PrixWikinews
28 June 2006Fernando Alonso and the Canadian Grand PrixJulie Smith

2007 Race Information

4 June 2007BMW Sauber Prepares For Canadian Grand PrixAnthony Fontanelle
5 June 2007Kubica Confident Ahead Of Montreal GPAnthony Fontanelle
6 June 2007BMW Sauber Expects Good Showing At Canadian and US Grands PrixAnthony Fontanelle
6 June 2007BMW Sauber's Kubica No Regrets For Villeneuve's AbsenceAnthony Fontanelle
6 June 2007Formula One Rookie To Show Mettle At Canadian Grand PrixAnthony Fontanelle
9 June 2007Lewis Hamilton on his first pole for McLarenWikinews
10 June 2007Automobilismo, Formula 1: grave incidente a Kubica Wikinotizie
10 June 2007Lewis Hamilton wins 2007 Canadian Grand PrixWikinews
11 June 20072007 Canadian Grand Prix PreviewAnthony Fontanelle
11 June 2007Alonso Clocks Fastest Lap Time in Canadian Grand Prix TestsAnthony Fontanelle
11 June 2007F1 MontrealMarvyn H.
12 June 2007Hamilton Victorious In MontrealAnthony Fontanelle
14 June 2007Heidfeld Claims First Podium For BMW, Calls For Track ChangesAnthony Fontanelle
18 June 2007Hamilton says no fears in Canada Grand PrixAudrey Nolan

2008 Race Information

8 June 2008Automobilismo, campionato mondiale Formula 1 2008: prima vittoria per Kubica Wikinotizie
8 June 2008Robert Kubica wins 2008 Canadian Grand PrixWikinews
14 June 2008Formel-1-Saison 2008: Großer Preis von Kanada Wikinews

2010 Race Information

14 June 2010Льюис Хэмилтон побеждает на Гран-при Канады Викиновости

2011 Race Information

14 June 2011Formel 1: Jenson Button gewinnt Regenrennen in Montréal Wikinews

2012 Race Information

6 June 2012
The Flying Lap, Episode 73: Canadian GP Preview with Rob Wilson
Duration: 1:08:39
By popular demand, Rob Wilson, the world's pre-eminent driver coach, joins us in the studio this week. The brief: to discuss the driving styles of all the leading contenders as we head towards the Canadian GP. There'll be plenty of insight and lots of talk about what being a great racing driver is all about. WilliamsF1's strategy engineer, Mark Barnett, will also be directing us to Montreal from his perspective. And, as part of our study of driving talent and how it can be honed, we'll be hearing live on line from two, young talented drivers of the future who shone in two important categories last weekend - Adrian Quaife-Hobbs, who continued his domination of the AutoGP series with two stunning wins in Portugal; and from William Buller, who scored a win and and a P2 in the Euro F3 races in Austria.

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 73 at The Internet Archive
16 June 2012
The Flying Lap, Episode 74: Canadian GP Debrief
Duration: 1:18:05
It happened! Defying precedent, Formula 1 created its seventh winner from seven races when Lewis Hamilton swept to victory in Canada for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. For team-mate Jenson Button, however, Montreal was a race weekend to forget. With acerbic insight from Rob Wilson, driver coach to several F1 stars, we'll be analysing the difference in style between Lewis and Jenson, together with other features of the race - Fernando Alonso's driving, for example, and that amazing pole lap of Sebastian Vettel. In addition, Sahara Force India's Paul di Resta talks to us about his weekend (and his brilliant P8 qualifying lap); and Pedro de la Rosa, having out-qualified his nearest opposition for the first time, will be telling us all about life at HRT. Small the Spanish-based team may be; lacking in excellence they are not.

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 74 at The Internet Archive

2013 Race Information

10 June 2013Фетел тријумфовао у Канади, повећао предност на врху табеле ВикиВести

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