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Headquarters: Plymouth Township, Michigan, USA

A producer of high-performance variants of Ford vehicles since 1995. The main company name is Roush Performance, but it also operates as Roush CleanTech, "Roush" is also considered a marque producing its own Ford-based modified vehicles, and is related to NASCAR team Roush Fenway Racing.

Vehicle names used by Roush currently and throughout history:  428R Mustang.


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Roush Performance page on 10 July 2016, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Roush Performance is an American automotive company primarily involved in the engineering, development and manufacturing of high performance components for street and competitive racing applications. The company's namesake is automotive mogul Jack Roush, who also owns and operates it. It was founded in 1995 by Roush to provide engineering from racing to street cars.

Aftermarket Parts

Roush produces aftermarket performance parts for Ford cars and trucks, mainly the Ford Mustang, Ford Focus, and the Ford F-150 light duty pickup. These special model vehicles are sold to the public through select Ford dealerships. In addition to the high performance business, Roush supplies propane conversions kit for the F-150, as well as for school buses.

Roush is listed as a vehicle "Manufacturer of Record," in that the company modifies Ford F-150, Ford Focus and Ford Mustangs to the extent that they are considered "Roush" vehicles, and some carry Roush factory warranties (as opposed to Ford warranties).


DateDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
27 May 2011NHTSA Recall 11V307000
2011 Ford E-150, 2011 Ford E-250, 2011 Ford E-350, 2011 Ford E-450, Roush Performance
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Recall Page - 1 page
27 May 2011Roush Performance Products, Inc. Defect Information Report
From: Joseph Thompson, Roush Performance
To: Frank Borris, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NHTSA Recall 11V307000

- 233KB - 2 pages
3 June 2011Valve Leak
From: Frank Borris, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
To: Joseph Thompson, Roush Performance
NHTSA Recall 11V307000

- 27KB - 3 pages
10 June 2011Roush Performance Products Recall # 11V-307
From: Joseph Thompson, Roush Performance
To: Kelly Schuler, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NHTSA Recall 11V307000

- 19KB - 2 pages

Article Index

23 July 2010Ford Motor Company, Roush and DUB Magazine Create Specialized 2011 MustangRob Gillingham
4 August 2015DeKalb County Central United Schools Replaces Diesel Buses with Economical and Clean Propane AutogasROUSH CleanTech
17 December 2015ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang Earns 50-State Vehicle Emission CertificationROUSH Performance
14 January 2016New Blue Bird Propane-Powered School Buses Save Money and Reduce Harmful EmissionsROUSH CleanTech
3 February 2016New 2016 ROUSH F-150 With Supercharger Creates Next Evolution in Highperformance Truck TechnologyROUSH Performance
16 February 2016ROUSH Performance Motorsports: On the Grid Across the U.S.ROUSH Performance
23 February 2016Military AutoSource Introduces the Redesigned 2016 ROUSH Warrior MustangMilitary AutoSource
3 March 2016Bimbo Bakeries USA Deploys Delivery Trucks Fueled by Propane AutogasROUSH CleanTech
22 March 2016Derry Township School District Deploys Cleaner, More Cost-Effective School Buses Fueled by Propane AutogasROUSH CleanTech
30 March 2016ROUSH Performance Partners with Formula Drifter Justin Pawlak for 2016 SeasonROUSH Performance
6 April 2016ROUSH CleanTech Develops Propane Autogas Fuel System for the Ford F-750ROUSH CleanTech
13 April 2016Grace School District Purchases Area's First Propane Autogas School BusROUSH CleanTech
20 April 2016Kyrene School District Ups Blue Bird Propane Buses to 85 Percent of FleetROUSH CleanTech
28 April 2016Now Shipping, New 2016 ROUSHcharged F-150 TruckROUSH Performance
11 May 2016Nearly Half of LeeTran’s Paratransit Fleet Powered by Alternative FuelROUSH CleanTech
26 May 2016New 2015+ ROUSH Mustang Power Packs Offer Performance, Enhanced DrivabilityROUSH Performance
26 May 2016New 2015+ ROUSH F-150 Power Packs Boost Performance, Enhance DrivabilityROUSH Performance
31 May 2016Roush Brand Celebrates 40th Anniversary at World’s Largest All-Ford EventROUSH Performance
7 June 2016New 2017 ROUSH 670HP Stage 3 Mustang Delivers Power, Looks and LegacyROUSH Performance
7 July 2016New 2017 ROUSH Mustangs from ROUSH Performance Blend Striking Good Looks with an Iconic PedigreeROUSH Performance
29 July 2016New 2017 ROUSH Mustang RS — Yours for Under $30KROUSH Performance
4 August 2016DTC’s New Propane Fuel Station Unveiled, Propane Autogas-Powered Fleet IncreasesROUSH CleanTech
10 August 2016Regina Catholic Schools Switches Entire School Bus Fleet to PropaneROUSH CleanTech
16 September 20162017 ROUSH Mustangs Galloping Into Dealerships NowROUSH Performance
11 April 2019The Haul | Roush F-150 Off-Road SC Reviewed American Trucks

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